White replacement on first october 2016

Just like a normal day in Belgium, our leftist keep on their usual racial propaganda.

In the two last days only, I could not help but spot three signs that demonstrate the replacement of white people in Europe, supported by European government, using media as a tool and going every day a bit further in blocking free speech.

The first sign is the existance of associations of lawyers who are paid by the governments to sue any resistance of locals (using  the usual pattern of either hate speech or racial discrimination). Example: Collectif contre l’islamophobie en France (CCIF).

The second sign is linked to a the removal of a video on youtube showing muslims attacking a restaurant owner for not wanting radicals: https://m.facebook.com/restaurant.Le.Cenacle.Tremblay/

Clicking on the video reveals the following screen:

Finally, the last and probably most disguting picture can be found today on the leftist belgian newspaper: 62,6 millions euro invested to buy informatics equipment in wallonian schools

I hope anyone can notice that there is no white children on the picture. The only remaining white is the blond teacher. Of course this picture has been taken by a professional: the children and the woman have been selected. Their position analyzed and well thought to give one message: arabic and blacks are the future of Europe; they hold the gates to technology and behind them are the white women. The white man is already dead on this picture. This is no multiculturalism; this is propaganda against white, and a very highly racist proof against white europeans. Last but not least, have noticed that the black man’s hand is… white? Why did they have the need of changing the hand’s color?

Shocked? Well get used to it, it will get worse. I could not even end typing this post that they posted another culpabilization picture on the same newspaper:

Definitely worse every minute.

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