The leftist debate

Discussing with a leftist always reaches a point where any argument seem to be vain. And if not, they won’t hesitate to show violence. Usually their goal is not to debate facts but rather to compromise the credibility of the speaker in order to end the conversion with their only opinion.

Since leftist are hard to debate, I usually prefer to let it go and speak with interesting people. 9 common tactics:

  1. Personnal attack:
    • Tackle your credibility: they will use one of your sentence, your background, your ennemies, … take it out of context and try to discredit everything that say based on one made up false argument
    • Racism: a leftist will always treat you of racist when you talk.
    • Demonization: a leftist always defines two sides – his and the others. As such, if you are against him, you are a demon, and they will literally tell you – “crazy extreme right neonazi ultraliberal!”.
    • Any other personal argument like “you did this 5 years ago”, or “you are frustrated”, etc.
  2. Burn the hypothesis: as a logical person you will talk about facts which you will articulate logically. On their side, instead they will rather say that your facts are not accurate.
    • Science: they will deny science. Example: they will deny natural law like Gaussian curves or exponential curves, they will deny the importance of genetics in human behaviors
    • Data: they’ll discredit the source of your data, or simply say that they don’t agree with data.
  3. Make an exception a rule: they will often take on exception and use it as a rule. They will refuse any discussion on the 99% of the subject, focusing on a particular exception which goes in their sense. Example: “they are not all the same”
  4. Victimization: they will play on the feelings of the people. Example: “these people are running away from war, they are suffering” – whilst not saying that 80% are not from countries at war.
  5. Half lies: they will take half of a sentence and change the context to demonize you and make it appear stupid. Example: trump wants to limit Muslim immigration until the situation is clarified, they said “trump does not want any Muslim in the USA, he is racist” (btw, a religion is not a race).
  6. Lies: leftists lie openly. It is normal, when your speech is not coherent you must lie to make the pieces stand together. Example: “homo sapiens replaced Neanderthal, so we are all equal” – in fact, 5-10% of genetic code in Europe is from Neanderthal, while Africans have 0%.
  7. Propaganda: leftists need huge propaganda to keep others under control. It is simply normal, because the biggest the shit, and the more you need to cover the smell! At a personal level, they will try to discredit you from your friends and isolate you, or even try to get you fired.
  8. Emotions: leftist will show clear outburst and poor emotional control. They could even invent a pseudo situation in which you attacked them. Example: a woman might simple say that you sexually harassed her – and the debate is closed.
  9. Violence: when threats and emotions did not work, leftists will eventually become violent. Example: put in jail your opponents (Manifestationin France), and don’t forget to forbid them to have any weapon – they could fight back!

Best answers? Ignore, laugh, agree and amplify, turn into derision, reply with their usual rhetoric, make them answer your questions, etc. Just note that any mathematical reasoning from yourself will be destroyed.

In conclusion, leftists do not play fair, and do not show restrain in their behaviors. They are capable of the worse things, and will use any means to destroy their opponents. Their inner void renders them frustrated, unable to control themselves, and certainly not to show respect or even pity.  Don’t be mistaken, leftist are really racist, intolerant, narrow minded, manipulative, greedy, robbers, and violent. They do all of that because deep deep down they do not love their own-self. Hence, how could they truly love someone who looks like them, but accepts himself?

Bonus: leftist propaganda video


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