Church and delta male

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The absence of real leaders combined with a castrating feminism and a loss of traditions have slowly but surely degraded  males who build and sustain a family. By removing traditions, we removed concepts such as respect, self control, and virginity (I agree some should keep it for their life – Obama don’t feel offended).

The absence of moral values lead to little but constant micro conflicts between men and women, women and women, men and men. These conflicts are exhausting and create frustrated, sad people.

Yet, church was not allowing this. With the church, you could always meet a nice girl, and have nice friends. You would always be included, never rejected. You would never be laughed at. You would be safe and respected, and for most of the people it was great. When you feel included, when you can have a family, you are very unlikely to finish isolated, depressed or frustrated. Besides the church also (kind of)  socially forbid divorce – family first!

Well, by doing so the church was actually sustaining a constant flow of respectable men and women. A constant flow of great men and of great women.

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