Sharia law in Europe

Sharia law is the application of the Coran as a law above the state. The Sharia is getting more and more implemented in Europe. Europeans thSharia law in Europeink that their law is above Sharia and indestructible. They believe that somehow, the text written by their ancestors – even if probably half are simply intellectual garbage – will persist. Europeans do not understand that people make societies. In 40 years, there will be more Muslims than Europeans native in Europe, and this implies that Muslims claim will be democratically implemented. Should it be Sharia, it will!

One could reply “yeah, but maybe they will calm down”. To this, I would reply “why would they? They have not for 1300 years, and their ambitions are revealed a bit more everyday!”. Of course, a frog cooked slowly doesn’t feel her death – but do we want to be frogs?

In UK: at least 80 Sharia court or council have been identified (

In Belgium: the association “Sharia4belgium” has open a court in Antwerpen in 2011 ( and is very active even making local milice in Brussels

In Holland: the association “Sharia4holland” made clear death threats to non believers (especially leaders against Muslim immigration, and does not hide its speech (

In France: persistent revendication to implement Sharia in France. DespiAfficher l'image d'originete evidence of Sharia in France, it is hard to find texts on internet. The state bans most of the content that would describe the reality in France (

In Germany: even after the second generations, Muslim refuse the German law and values. Integration classes have been implemented, yet having no effect, as in this video ( It is important to note, at 4m30 sec, that an Albanian Muslim clearly states that “having sex with European women is Ok, but not with a Muslim women – or violence should be used” – as in Sharia.

For a full view of Sharia law, watch this video:

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