Trump in Nevada

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Yesterday Trump made one of his last candidate speech in Nevada. As usual, he was effective, clear, simple and accurate. He denounced the failure of Obamacare, and exposed Bill Clinton for stating “Obamacare is the craziest things in the world”, while Hilary was celebrating it as the greatest achievement of America. He told us this presidential was the toughest thing he did in his life, and that’s true. He actually almost got killed yesterday.

Trump denounced the TTIP deal, just like I did in a previous post. He described it as a future disaster, and I agree. This treaty will never make America great, and will never make Europe great. Rather he explained how lowering taxes is the best tool to a faster job creation in the US, and how getting rid of half of the regulations would be better for everyone. And he is right. Simplicity is the path to efficiency.

He insisted once again on the importance of border control and strict immigration policy. Immigration is a disaster, especially Muslim immigration in Europe. We are not the same, we don’t defend the same things, we don’t look the same, and we don’t think the same way. They hate us. They have been hating us for hundreds of years. They killed us,  they enslaved us, they keep on killing us, and will continue to kill us. And these in minority who love us, we respect them, and we welcome them to fight the others with pleasure. We just can’t live together today in peace… and no one in Europe is going to create a second amendment today. As he says, the media do not cover what is important but rather focused on sport and propaganda. Sad situation indeed. Sad situation that media prefer lies to truth, vice to morality, evil to good.

Just like he said, on November 8th, even if your doctor gave you the worst diagnosis – i.e. you have two weeks remaining – get out and vote for Trump. These are not elections for fun. These will define the continuity of our civilisation – our life, or our death.

Good luck Donald!

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