Vienna has finally fallen. The Ottomans have won!

Lat Sunday the Austrian had the possibility to save their culture and sovereignty…. peacefully. Yet the millions euros propaganda from Brussels did pay off and the Austrian people decided to surrender to the enemy.

I am of course exaggerating a bit. The current government of Austria was already run by a bunch of cowards thinking only in their self-interest. My first issue is more symbolic as the president of Austria does’t have much power and my second issue is with the Main Stream Media narrative. Norbert Hofer is not an extremist nor he is “far-right”. He is the peaceful answer of the reasonable people of Austria. His positions are tough but not extreme. There is no talk of killing anyone nor even deport anyone. His positions are totally reasonable and deserve a discussion. Yet this is something the left is not ready to do, instead the so called “far-right” is labeled Racist, misogynist, Islamophobia or extreme (note: they never define any of these word… their intellectual honesty knows no boundaries).

What I find ironic is that lefties are bashing all of us about having conversations over violence. This is something they are ready to do with Muslims (which haven’t showed any kind of moderation so far) but can’t have with descent, obedient, tax-paying, native European citizens. Yet we are facing an enemy (and yes I choose this word carefully) which has been trying to invade Europe for 1400 years. And they haven’t got any reform nor official statement that would indicate their intentions have changed.


Will the Polish cavalry come and save the day? God only knows.

This debate is currently between those so called “far-right” people and SJW who are blind folded, covering their ears and yelling “lalalalalala”. This is sad because the left is building an environment of crisis. An environment where only violence and war will flourish. The extremism they say they so passionately fight against is what they are actually offering us or should I say “forcing us down he throat”.

I do not think war is the answer.  The kind of war awaiting the European people will be the most vicious one ever recorded in human history. But I think that, as many before me, we will be thrown on the battlefield against our own will.

As a saying goes:

Hard time creates hard men

Hard men create good time.

Good time creates weak men.

Weak men create hard time.

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