Obama, shame on you


The cunt and her friend have deployed all their weapons against Donald Trump. They spent more than a billion dollar, had all the media with them, including the ones in Europe. They used all the labels they could find, all the Hollywood stars they could rally, all the lies they could create. That means that Donald definitely stands a chance, and they fear for their asses like never before. I believe that Donald pushed them to mobilize more resources against him than any other man in the entire humankind history! Per se, that’s an achievement.

And lately it is Obama who joined the forces. This corrupted, vicious cunt who did nothing good for his country, and even less for the world, has nothing for him but being black. And that’s why he’s been elected, let’s state it – that’s not a secret. In 2008, he hated her and called her a liar himself, and blamed her for corruption. Now he obviously protects liars. That hypocrite cunt dares going to states making speech to ask voters to vote for her.

Obama also called all illegals to go vote for Hilary Clinton, stating in an interview that it is impossible to find out if they were legal or not. Now he is even promoting illegality and gives advises how to rig the elections. I believe he should even be in jail for this! Recently, dead people starting to vote. Obama and Hilary are trying to mobilize all blacks and latino’s against Trump, and dare to say that “Trump” polarizes the country.

These people made a hole of shit deeper than a volcano. No matter when you dig, you find corruption, outrage, amorality, etc.

These elections decide if our civilization stands or falls, if we live or die. If she gets in, we’re gonna have a massive economic crisis. She will blame the Russians for whatever reasons they’ll find, and try all false flags to start a war… in Europe and/or in Middle East. People will die, Americans, Europeans, Russians. And the West will lose, it is obvious to imagine that between promotion of gay marriage and a real solid well trained army, there is a difference.

Remember this Americans, today you decide if you want a moral society, or a corrupted amoral society. Today you decide if we all live or die. Today you decide if your children have a future or not.

Get out and vote Trump!

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