Truth shall win

Donald Trump won. Despite all the media, all the lies, all the politically correctness against him, the banksters… the criminals, the corrupted… he won.
Today is a day for victory. A day that our children will learn at school as probably the new revolution of American, European and Christian civilisation.

Today, democracy and moral values won. American white men (mostly and thanks to the others) made the best choice they could for their future. They actually ensured to have one.

Thanks for your courage, for your voice. Thanks to you, there will be a change. Voices are already rising in Europe. People once oppressed shall retrieve their freedom and once again fight for their own kind. Once again we can rebuild.

The battle for the new Europe has just begun. And now, we have USA and Russia on our side. Truth, freedom, work, culture and families shall be restored as our values.

Let’s thank god for this moment, there wont be any better day before long.

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