Islam, slavery and genocide

For 1300 years, the Christian western civilization has been defending against Islamic invasions. Dozens of millions of Europeans, but also Africans (about 27 millions of them) have been enslaved or raped to sustain the Islamic system. European men were castrated and enslaved while women were taken away in harem, used for reproductive purpose.

Islam, initially lead by a military leader, is a religion of expansion. It has been created to organize societies around a common goal of conquest. A Muslim civilization needs violence, and we will demonstrate here why.

In order to support its expansion, Islam has been founded on 3 pillars: patriarchy, polygamy and slavery. A patriarchal polygamy allows a man to choose multiple women. In nature, there are 110 men for 100 women in average. This implies that there are always more men in age of reproduction than women. If every man wants at least 2 women, there should be at least twice more women than men. Where do these women then come from?

There is only one solution: genocide, war and conquest. Through wars, Muslims ensure a constant decrease of men available for reproduction. Women are captured and used for reproductive functions, while men are castrated, and enslaved – slaves shall not reproduce.

Islam requires a high fertility rate to expand. Without the possibility to take women from other communities, the sexual frustration of males resulting from polygamy (men can’t find a women), and the self degeneracy from inter-family breeding would lead to the collapse of their society (as we see today in most Muslim countries).

Also, Muslims can’t spread Islam, fight and produce the materials, goods and services required by the society. The slavery of men captured during invasions is therefore needed to sustain any, including modern, Muslim society. When you pay taxes so that they receive allowances, that’s it exactly. You are a Muslim slave.

Muslim societies must dissociate Muslims and non Muslims in order to justify its ideology. It must take its root in the bloodline, making it also racial somehow. The separation of believers and non believers is a an obligation. There is no integration, no compromise, only Allah. A non Muslim is a beast whose destiny is nothing but slavery or death.

Of course, Muslim will try to convince you of the opposite. It is of course a lie used to continue expanding their religion.

An Islam about peace is a lie that Muslims do to themselves and others to infiltrate and then conquer them. They need to invade other territories, take women and slaves. This is not peace. It was never about peace, and it will never be.

Your taxes are your slavery.

Race mixing is the way to take your woman.

Tolerance is the tool to keep you silent.

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