Bad Moms

Bad Moms: attack on femininity, motherhood and family values.

Coming straight out of Hollywood, Bad Moms, is the quintessential depiction of everything that’s wrong with society today. Women’s liberation movement strikes again in what can only be described as a feminist’s wet dream.

Motherhood in the 21st century is pictured hellish. As a woman today, you have to look angry for sex – fierce (number one priority), driving a big car sweating your ego, a house for your one night stands … whilst normally raising normal kids.  And what a burden that last part can be! Saddening.

Well thanks to that movie, your 101 on parenting, juggling with all that pressure will be just a bad dream. Say fuck it to responsibilities, use some crude language, be crass, have some lesbian fun and everything will be great.  After 1’10” in the trailer, Mila Kunis finally reveals “I am so tired of being a perfect mom, I am done”. Now, all women know what to do: “the movie says it! I am a perfect mom, I have the right to enjoy myself – fuck responsibilities!”. In any case, there will always be a beta male to take care of you, huh?

bad moms

Or else you could follow a more traditional example and look radiant as a mother of twelve kids despite being a widow.   twelve

So you can either go for plan A, which is an attack on traditional (Christian) family values, and drown your responsibilities in booze, or plan B and enjoy the love of your kids. Such a hard choice!

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  1. This film is a comedy and not a documentary on mom life. It was hilarious. I was laughing throughout the entire movie. The movie is awesome. The cast is very good. Mila Kunis is awesome.

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