Belgium, enslave your children!

What kind of amoral people can put a debt on their children and ensure their slavery?

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Well, the belgian government just did. Last august, they introduced their brandly new Belgian loan that has to be refunded over a 100 years. This tiny socialist country, hosting the newly designed USSR institutions, namely European Parliament and European Commission, and most of terrorists, could once again manage to become famous for the wrong reasons.

This loan will make the children of our children, of our children to repay this debt. Without increasing the financial flows, the debt can increase once again – MAGIC! How smart these people are, right? Well, for now 10 years, this country hasn’t been able to reduce its debt to less than 86%, looking for a new sky around 106%. And that’s bad.

Belgium Government Debt to GDP

Leftists of course are a hundred miles away from understanding exactly what this means. And a thousand miles away from asking themselves if this is moral or not. Simply they’d argue “managing a government is different than a house” – true, but it doesn’t mean you should do it the most stupid way you can. That’s bad. Really bad.

With these new ties, taxes will not be able to lower before a long time. The country that is already paralised under the fiscal and legal burden, massive immigration and the leftist influence, thought that nothing would be better than anchor a bit more their problems. There is no doubt now that debt will increase, tax will increase, privileges will increase… while hard working people will continue losing money. In the end, I can picture hard working smart people with many degrees ending up like dogs on the streets in 20 years.

And for these problems, they already found a solution: euthanasia. The government takes everything from you, from the possibility to have a family, to have a house, and to have food – under the name of “human right” and “socialism”… and then when you’re left with nothing, they propose you to die… for free this time.

Something is wrong. Something is seriously wrong.

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