Mad Merkel, call me maybe

This Wednesday, Obama made a visit of courtesy to Merkel’s Germany. They discussed about the current trade treaties issues (i.e. TTIP, CETA, CiSA), and their global agenda. They pushed the hypocrisy by reminding how free speech is important… hilarious when you know that anything against the migration agenda is illegal under the “hate speech” law, and considering the last anti-free speech actions in USA.

Le chef d’Etat américain et la chancelière allemande ont donné une conférence de presse commune à l’issue du dernier déplacement officiel de Barack Obama en Europe en tant que président des Etats-Unis.

As it seems, Mad Merkel, the leftist’s agenda most powerful leader, pointed out that the global agenda can’t be changed. While previously naming any “globalist plot” as conspiratorial , it seems now perfectly normal to talk about it as an evidence. That is what I call a strange “conspiratorial figure”, right? Wait, Mad Merkel has a deep conviction, we should listen to her:

Because that is my deep conviction.  Globalization — and I think we share this conviction — is that globalization needs to be shaped politically. It needs to be given a human face… The negotiations on agreements like T-TIP have been challenging, and obviously at a moment when there’s concerns about globalization and the benefits that accrue to particular people, it is important that those negotiations and channels of communication remain.

I really wonder what human face should be given to globalism, if not the culote.pngabsence of culture difference and racial differences through blood mixing. Well, after publishing
officially  under the account “Historical Pics” how people would look like by 2050 in America, nothing can be astonishing. Maybe this is the face of globalism, after all.

Surprisingly though, this globalist speech is globally limited to European ethnic nations. And even more strange to clearly state that people’s opinions do not matter in a democracy.

Later, in her speech, this ugly woman couldn’t do anything else but remind everyone of this fake and stupid disproportionate responsibility in African countries. Indeed, bringing them to the same level of development, would first require major social and cultural changes – which would be qualified as genocide under international law! And actually, how do we help them by bombing them, giving them weapons for more genocides, and then mysteriously migrating them in Europe. It rather seems we bring every day more of Africa in European civilization rather than European civilization in Africa (maybe that’d be racist). At some point, this shit has to stop. We do not want to look like that ugly woman on the picture above. We are proud of who we are, deal with it stupid leftists.

There’s another point that I wanted to mention here, particularly, the engagement and commitment to Africa.  For us Europeans, Africa as a neighboring continent is of prime importance.  The development of African countries is in our very own vested interest.  We, as Germans, but also we, as members of the European Union, will have to deal with this.  It will be at the very top of our agenda.

Germans, please don’t tell me that you really believe that crap. You are much better than this. One of the greatest nation with the greatest people. Rise up and put that Mad Witch in jail for high treason, that would be a service for humanity.


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