What can we learn from Muslims?

Just like the Europeans Christians 50 years ago, Muslims put emphasis on family, patriarchy and community. Our western leaders, under the influence of “the few”, have put a priority in destroying Christianity and western families – this attempt is not new, hence resulting in individualism. On the opposite, the Muslims keep their religion close to them, despite all attempts from the West (propaganda, war, etc.) , and they are right.

Maintaining their religion creates a homogeneous community that can only grow. Therefore, their language, their genes and their culture is kept intact, taking from others the resources. Muslims are right not because their behavior is appropriate, but rather because it ensures a constant growth of their society. Their are right from a logical perspective. Their strategy, based on religion, is the only one that ensure longevity and expansion together. Nonetheless, their strategy has a price: permanent violence (physical, social, cultural, psychological, financial).

Following factors maintain the Muslim community strong:

  1. Role of the man: in Muslim societies, the man has a preponderant role, which prevents the loss of religion. He is listened, in good or bad, for the best or the worse. Nonetheless, even if arguable, his behavior is regulated by the transcription of their god’s will. He is above the woman, having the right to have multiple partners.
  2. Strong family: families under the authority of a stable patriarchy remain strong; divorce is rare, just like it used to be in our Christian society. Of course, even though adultery is supposed to be forbidden, in practice men cheat on their wife with women captures in other communities (i.e. nowadays our liberated females westerners). Women are kept virgin for the marriage, even going for surgery to ensure it.
  3. Community conscience: Muslims help each other. Their community is above the rules of the state which supposedly should rule them. Naturally, this is only possible through seizing directly or indirectly the wealth of their host.
  4. Spirituality: believing in god makes them closer to one another and also enables the application of their own law, despite the fact that they are against local’s.

What can we learn from Muslims?

Western civilization should return to Christian values, restoring its community, its patriarchy, its families, its religion – or moral values. Of course, this can only be done through breaking the paradigm of “racial equality”, “gender equality”, “social equality”, “cultural equality”: Socialism is a wall to break. The sexual restriction and chastity should be restored. Of course, this would cause huge problems with the Muslim community, who takes advantage of the dismembering of the Christian values. This is also why I usually say that our problems are not “value based”, but rather “community based”, which in fact have wider consequences.

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