Towards an awakened France

After USA it is the turn to France to select the destiny of the western world in two turns: one on the 23th april, and the other one on the 7th may 2017.marine fillon.png

If France does not stand today and elect a decent president, we can expect the worse for the next 8 years, and more to come. But it seems we are not in USA, we don’t have a Trump… is there a single valid candidate, or just one better than another?

These elections oppose the UMP (leftists who believe not to be – the new liberal republicans), the PS (leftists and proud to be), and the Front National who represents the French national interests with a communist touch to certain extend. In a nutshell, France has no real right or conservative wing – normal for a country who authored the European Charter of rights stating all leftists values.

Today, one can have no doubts about the influence of American elections on the selection of the French candidates, with the sudden withdrawal of Nicolas Sarkozy  and the apparition of François Fillon . This candidate, politically correct, has some sort of right-wing programme, without the will, curriculum and balls to really do anything right… that is a big problem.

Even though Marine Lepen has been telling the same truth for years now, she is victim of a constant propaganda against her and her party – democracy you said! After Trump, taking the risk of getting Marine elected is too big. If she becomes president, this is end of the little game going on in the west, once for all. And for this, there is no chance! And for this, they use the usual labels “racist”, “sexist”, etc.

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The problem with François Fillon’s programme is that it is nothing but a pseudo list of minimal populist requirements to get elected. He seeks in getting all FN and most of PS electorates. After reading both Marine Lepen and François Fillon programmes, I wouldn’t say that Marine’s programme is better, but I have more confience in her to make things move forward. And here is why. Marine, in addition to François Fillon’s measures, wants to implement:

  • Restoration of death penalty
  • Restoration of public debt sovereignity through the financing from Bank of France
  • Substential increase of defense budget and staff, increase respect for veterans
  • Instauration of French made principle, produce locally
  • End of positive discrimination law
  • End of corruption in public and health care sector
  • Limit president mandate to one and 7 years
  • Setup a popular referendum in the constitution
  • Restore media independence

These measures would make a significant change in France for sure, and set it in the right direction. But this is not perfect, of course. Immigration policy could be softer and stronger at the same time, only selecting highly qualified and restricting access to some nationality. Social cares could be cut, hence targetting the ones taking advantage of it. She could target more lobbys and corruption like Trump does. And finally, she could promote more tax cut, and increased national defense budget. Marine is definitely not a right wing extremist, but rather a centrist, don’t you think so?

If Fillon wins, things will get worse. If Marine wins, things will change, and up to us to continue. So, ready for the change?

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