The prince and the king

The same way women have been raised to be hypergamic princesses, white men have been risen to be their prince.

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Unlike the propaganda for women to be a princess, society tells the man to behave like a prince. Of course, this has major impact on the stability of couples and families.

A prince is high social status man of which all women are supposed to dream of. He constantly competes with other princes in hope of being the one selected. The prince is a victim of the frame of society; he does not have the power.

Being a king is different. He rules, he sets the frame. He decides what is good and what is bad. He decides who is good and who is bad. In the court, clowns amuse him, women lower before him, men knee before him. People ask for his help, and he decides what you do. He has the power.

The difference between a tyrant and a true king therefore resides in the use of his power: would you use your power for the good of everyone, or for your own satisfaction?

And all women would agree that they want a strong, fair, respected, loved, admired, loving king. They do not look for a prince who complies, they look for a king who drives.

Can anyone be a king? Yes. Why? Simply because you do not need to have the authority to be a modern king. You need to be the one who sets the frame, who’s confident enough  to laugh at other’s joke, who’s respected, strong, who can fight hard, but also loves hard. You can decide what is good, and what is bad.

And surprisingly, what is the best example of a society promoting these values? The Christian civilization.

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