Trump and the jews

Since Donald has been elected, media can’t stop attempting to associate him to Nazi movements. It seems leftists still couldn’t digest America’s democratic choice, but is that surprising?


While in America and Europe, the HuffPost, the NYTimes, and other leftists media publish all kind of crap they can to undermine Trump, Israël itself does the opposite! It might seem that incitation to hatred is more of a leftist behavior in the end. No later than yesteday, the TimesofIsrael published an article named “Trump’s Jewish son-in-law says president-elect won’t tolerate hate“, in which they defend the tight bonds between Trump and the Jew community. Donald also made a pro-Israël speech to the jewish community.

On one side George Soros, who is jewish, fights against Trump through his organisations and fundings. On the other side jewish newspaper show support to him.  Let’s not forget that Donald’s family is partly jewish, after all. To some extend, we might even call him the first “jewish president“.

In Europe, at the same time, the German jewish community JewGida starts getting worried about the Muslim immigration, and requests officials to take actions to limit it. As said in the letter written by JewGida:

Today it is urgent for the European nations to remove the treacherous leftist politicians, fight back against the leftist socialist ideology, close the borders, support patriotism, reclaim the media, promote the criticism of Islam and engage in Counterjihad. The Muslim plague may become even more lethal, if Europe doesn’t wake up and engage in Counterjihad.


Dear leftists friends, is that also Nazi if a jew doesn’t want Muslim immigration, and likes Donald Trump?

At some point, the propaganda against Trump has to stop. That’s getting really tiring, insulting and counter productive.

God bless you.


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