Not all muslmims are suicide bombers! 

“Not all Muslims are terrorist!”

Thank you Einstein for the memo.
SJW and Muslmims are constantly bashing us with this phrase along with their #thisisnotaboutislam or #islamisareligionofpeace and so on…
“Not all Muslim are terrorist” is just a reframe SJW uses in order to run away from the intellectual debate. It is a rethoric,  it has no substance or basis.  No one ever suggested an “All Muslims are terrorist”. This is of course an untrue statement,  but by saying the opposite SJW are hoping to get away with this.  Knowing that no one has a clear answer against this.  (because it doesn’t make any sense in the first place).
While we are still waiting for Christians or Buddhist modern mass killing to occur,  a clear question can come out of the above statement.  How much percentage of muslims are actually terrorist? How many actively support them and how many choose to close their eyes on reality?
According to some polls 28% of all Muslims do not opposed violence against what they call “enemy of Islam” which in practical terms means “everyone who is not Muslim”.

Other polls shows that most of Muslims in Europe support ISIS.  And nearly all Muslims between the  age of 18 to 24 years old (the most relevant ones).
And I would also like to ask to all SJW,  where are all the Muslim standing against violence? Where their protest? If Islam is a religion of peace. Where the hell are the peaceful Muslims???
Well they won’t find any because  SJW always lie, lying is their intellectual foundation,  violence is their tool.

Islam is not a religion of peace,  and 1400 years of recorded history are backing this statement.  And this is all there is to acknowledge.

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