Princess or Queen

A woman told me that girls were rosen in the mindset of a princess looking a prince charming.

Even if apparently normal, or usual I would rather say, I could not help but about 1) the cultural fingerprint of such woman role, and 2) the inner difference between a princess and a queen.

Fairy tails have a long story. There were always stories, the bible being a good example. Yet only the late century could provide a cinematic and lively representation of a princess life, through the help of cartoons and movies. Without blaming the cartoons or the child’s need to be an infant, I simply noticed that in fact there are almost no popular children stories in which a queen and a king are good and happy as a man and a woman.


– Cindrella: raised and oppressed, she is suddenly promoted to princess level whilst having a prince charming moving the world to find her

– White snow: the evil (single) is furious about her beauty

– Aladin: a princess raised by her single useless fat dad looks for a prince charming ready to take her on a carpet ridE

I am left with one question left: what is the impact on the development of a little girl and boy, when parents are too busy working to provide the kid with the traditional reference framework? On my side, I have no doubt that these cartoons without proper traditional values have an impact that will condition their future relationships and eventually lead the girl to expect a perfect guy putting her above everything (including his life) – the good beta male provider who doesnt bang. On this subject, please watch Michelle Obama’s video on women and men interaction, it is a fantastic demonstration of such propaganda.

On the other hand, what is a princess, what is a queen?

A princess is a single young lady, having a court, receiving plenty of money and attention, without any responsibility for it. A princess has everything without doing anything.

A queen, on the opposite, is a woman serving her king as a woman. Responsible for many things, she doesnt decide on heavy matters, but follows and advises her husband. She is faithful, dedicated, and a mother. Loving art and beauty, attached to religion, she raises her children according to the Christian traditions.

So, should we tell little girls that they are princesses, or rather teach them how to be a good queen?

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