Lindsay, why do you do that?

When a society misses true kings to set the frame, all doors are open for any direction. Through natural selection, of course these doors shall close themselves one days, but certainly not after its part of suffering.

Lately, our beautiful Lindsay Lohan is thinking about converting to Islam. As in the following video, people are shocked. They think that the only argument against Muslims is the position of women – HAHA. But the question that comes to my mind is : Do women (and especially r selected women like Lindsay) seriously care about how the way they are treated? NO! They want security, the want a frame, that’s all.  Put it simpler, and lighter, the absence of real direction reveals a lack of strength to face the future, and therefore a lack of security. And women go to Muslims to run away from a Gamma/Lambda white demoralized society .

I like this video, because it shows that women do not give a damn about culture, traditions, but also it shows that putting them on a pedestal is not an argument. We, European White Men, have the choice of setting the rules. Women will not stop us. We say what is good, we say what is bad. It doesn’t mean we don’t respect them. Respecting a women is treating her like a women: bang her crazy, put her in place, show direction, provide experience, embrace her, provide her, and kick any ass in between.

Women seek security. Their hypergamic nature is only a natural translation of their need for security. In some K societies, status would take the prime. In others, more r selected, the game might be more important. And what game is it when you set up the frame, offer a full society with rules, traditions and clear gender roles? Well, it used to be the Christian game, and today it is the Muslim game. Insanely, desperately, but true.

We do not want to act frustrated and say that we reject Muslims or whatever other group because they mistreat women and gays. We rather acknowledge our true identity of White European Male. We are proud of it. We are proud of our achievements, of our wars, of our victories. It is a question of pride, of genes, of culture, of science… but also of beauty.

That is why we reject your argument Lindsay. We don’t care how they will treat you.

No matter what, you say it loud “please get us out of these gammas and lambdas”, “please White European Men, set the frame and be the men you used to be”.

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