Donald Trump is the winner

This is the last sprint for the american election. Only a couple of days remain before getting the name of the next United States president.

At the moment, Hitlary Clinton is leading in the polls. Even if no-one can ensure polls are not rigged, she has some chances of winning. But who’s voting for thecunt? Well, according to surveys 20% of non-white vote for Donald. Therefore we can deduce that Hitlary supporters are the 80% of non-white, and 20% of white men and women. Take your conclusions.

But is defeat possible? Well, no. Donald Trump already won. He already won the ideological, logical and societal battle. Throughout his campaign, Donald showed and demonstrated us many things. Donald showed how to be a white man, how to respect himself, how to lead, how to talk. Donald has shown us that it is possible, whatever the world is today, whatever the amount of propaganda and cunts out there; it is possible to succeed and educate.  60 years of propaganda for white guilt were questioned and removed by one man, in a couple of months only.

Donald made the alt-right move possible, and this ideological wave is starting around all Afficher l'image d'originewestern countries. He showed that we can stand for our pride, for our culture, for our values. He showed us that media are foolish tools that you can use at their own costs. He demonstrated us that arguing with leftist people is a waste of time. Rather take them where they belong: the pit.

Well done Donald. Now please become the next president of USA, and allow western countries to rise and stand for themselves as before. We suffered enough. We shut our mouth long enough. We gave enough. Now, let’s be great again.

Thanks Donald.

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