5 reasons to be optimistic about President Donald J.  Trump. 

People elected Barack Obama for “change”. He sold the dreams of a great multicultural society, of a great economy, of a great nation where the government would really help its people. The result is not that great, with a country almost at civil war, a real war in Syria, thousands of death, poor people, thousands of lifes destroyed… all to be put on his shoulders and his democrats fellows.

obama-trumpSo yes, people elected Trump because the first black president failed to bring any positive change to America. People elected Trump for change as well. Yes, one had years to do it, the other one is making it happen straight away.

I remember being skeptical about Obama in 2008 for bringing any change. Here are the reason why I thought Obama couldn’t bring the change he promised:

  • He has been his entire life in politics. He has no experience what so ever of being an employee, to pay tax or to create a business.
  • Obama is a gamma male. He rose to power playing only on one thing: he is black. That was pretty much his only serious argument. His opponents (McCain and Romney) weren’t bright as well. But I don’t recall him trying to make an honest intellectual point. Obama is an opportunist.
  • His entire campaign was financed by special interest… it would be a good start to try understand why is it so.
  • His voting record: Obama has flipped flopped and has shown no consistency on the way he voted. Examples? War, healthcare, economy, etc.
  • Obama doesn’t defend the root Christian culture of the USA, neither the second amendment, or the first.

I actually find hard to find good outcomes. Today, the people who asked to give a chance to Obama are the same people being skeptical about Trump. Weird! Let me therefore clarify why I believe Trump will be a great president:

  1. Trump has been consistent on what he says and praise for his entire life.
  2. Trump has already money and power – he doesn’t need to be the president, he wants it. Trump could literally let America die and fly off to some remote island with his family and enjoy life as it is. Yet he chooses to finish his life starting a war against all the Media of the world, spending hundreds of millions of dollars of his own.
  3. Trump is self financed. I have been told already that is is not an argument. Sorry, it is. If he plans to execute the exact same policies as the previous administrations, then why not taking money from these same special interests?
  4. Trump is no politician nor a man of bullshit: he does what he says.
  5. Trump wants to lead his nation into greatness.

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