Burkini or scuba diver?

Lately a new debate has been raging in Belgium and France: the burkini – the Muslim beach outfit. Funny or scary? I would say the burkini is simply a normal request from the Muslim community, and honestly how could you be against Muslims wearing their clothes? In the end, it is their choice, their freedom. The real debate should rather be “do we want that amount of Muslims in Europe?”. But of course, no leftist want to talk about real issues, it is way too dangerous to tell the truth nowadays…

And to a stupid debate, stupid arguments. Since our leftist can’t use any real arguments against burkini – that would be politically incorrect – the debate goes deep down the abysses of stupidity. I give the trophy of stupidity to the prime minister of Belgium who declared “how can we see the difference between a scuba diving suit and a burkini?”.

Any guess? I think one is prepared to go under the water. Anyway, let me help you Sir:



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