Guns are the problem 

In the wake of the Ohio State University saving spree, I share my feeling of horror and sadness to all the families of the victims.

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Yet, the left and their bolchevist agenda see nothing more than an opportunity to push their to own dirty agenda. Are SJWs will ever show a glimpse of humanity? I don’t think so.

Here is Vox,  Huffpost. …  What do you think they the will blame the stabbing on? ISIS and radical Islam? Multiculturalism? A failed immigration policies? Raising tensions between racial and religious groups with western civilization? A unarmed population on a university campus?

  (special thank to the team of Steven Crowder for the screenshots)

No. They blame it on guns, of course! And that even though the only gun used was the one used by a heroic police officer (probably a racist since he shot a black man) to stop that awful, ungrateful Muslim man. What a parody!

Blaming guns for anything is again a vague concept wich brings a lot of emotions but very little facts to the debate. This allows them to push for more gun control to disharm good and honest citizens. Another attempt to remove the second amendment, so precious for democracy, peace and freedom.

Another reason for these lies is to distract the public attention from the real issue. The stabber was indeed a Muslim and had indeed ties to ISIS. And this is the result of the failed policies the left has been pushing for years.
Let’s set the record straight. The murderer is a black Muslim man.  He killed 1 person by car and 8 with a knife. No laws regulating good obiding citizens could have prevented this event to happen. Rather could a good citizen with a gun have stopped him?  That’s very likely – but we cannot assert it.  Could it have happened a 100 years ago when there was practically no Muslims in America (and for a reason)?  Absolutely not.

And that is something the journalists of practically an MSM news outlet will fail to report. It is time we the people flag them as fake news.

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