Las Vegas parano…

Mass murder!!! Gun control!!

That’s what the left calls for anytime a white man does something. More control, less freedom. More immigration. Remember: WHITES ARE BAD!

Leftists are just a bunch of hypocrites, ready to take advantage of ANY event to push their religious agenda. When they heard it was mostly whites who were murdered, they played both arguments: gun control and white supremacy. They celebrated the death of 50 people, because they are white conservatives and at the same time they use the tragedy to ask for gun control. Can they even imagine how much they make no sense?! My cat, surprisingly, does.

When it is a Muslim with a car or a knife, that’s much less of an issue. Anyway for the left these people are sons of god, don’t you dare whip their reputation with the truth.

Let’s wait for the conclusions. We just highly doubt it was an act of white supremacy…

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