What can be learned from Sharia?

Sharia is a notorious word that strikes fear and terror in the ears of Westerners . Moderate leftist , moderate, conservative and alt-right mind usually do agree on one thing: Muslims are bad and Sharia is bad. Is that true? What about the White Sharia?

Here is a little explanation:

On one hand, the mainstream media has been demonizing Sharia law, putting emphasis on the position of women. It seems that the only reason why we should be against Islam is the position of women. Yet, what are the arguments against Sharia? Muslims beat women, marry children, are polygamist, own women, consider women as inferior to men, deadly punishment for extramarital sexual activities, ask women to cover their body and head, etc.

On the other hand, a man who has been thinking enough about women will find out that the so called “women liberation” and feminism (aka Women Sharia) has not been that great so far, as depicted in Black Pigeon’s video (Highly recommended):

In one word, women do not have the same objective as men. White men in general seek for societal objective, women seek personal pleasure, safety, fun, positive emotions…

Let’s put it more simply: what are western men looking for?

  1. White demographic growth
  2. Manliness
  3. Stable families
  4. Men and women fidelity (sexual restriction)
  5. European genetic preservation
  6. Ethnic and national unity
  7. Economic, social and scientific growth

So if women are not to be beaten up , or buried half way into the ground… a certain control over women behavior is needed in order to maintain the order, health, and serenity of society. Actually, this concept has already been named: White Sharia. It started as pure trolling but it definitely raises questions about reinstoring values into society over the supposedly freedom that was given to women.

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