London: "Oops, they did it again!"

It is so comfortable for authorities. ISIS once again perpetrated an attack in London. How come ISIS can claim all these attacks? And why? That just doesn’t make sense. Just like Theresa May’s speech fails to address the only single issues: immigration and diversity. She prefers some cheap music and a couple of different food tastes for the life of her citizen.

“Islamic extremism is a perversion of Islam, and a perversion of the truth.”

Theresa, since when Islam is the truth?

But what makes sense is the result of the attacks. People are scared of all: immigrants, leftists and politicians. Politics can now come as saviors on their white horse. As she says, we need to control the online space – like this blog. Non-whites are to be re-assured; whites are not victims.

Now, in the West, we do not live anymore: we survive. And we must do what is needed to survive.

“This is not done by a religion. All religions share the same commandment not to kill. These are just crazy people.”

Well, according to Koran, I quote:

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „quote religion of peace“   Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „quote religion of peace“

People are now trying to escape the label “racist”, refusing to name the attackers. Today, people fear more to be labelled of “racist” than to defend their children,. This is the world we live in. We got no choice but to be harsh on the whites who go side by side with the enemy. Just because they support, resign to him, we might all be killed or simply replaced. This is not little. This is not a second priority.

You think it is only about Islam? Well, on which side do you think the Indians, the Latino’s, and other immigrants will stand the day we want to deport all Muslims? They will be against us. The line is very clear. Only one will remain, just like it always end up.

And the prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May, to add: “The recent attacks are not connected but we believe we are experiencing a new trend in the threat we face,” she said after chairing an emergency ministerial meeting. What trend are you talking about? How did that happen? We want to talk about that. We want to talk about the problem and its solution, without being labelled. So, let’s state it: all attacks are connected to one thing, diversity.

 “Diversity + Proximity = War “

Surprisingly, the ministers committee already had solutions for terrorism. In such a little time, they could all agree, just like everything is part of a plan. Never politics are so fast nowadays but to reduce our liberties. Theresa proposes the following solutions:

  • Freedom of speech on internet must be controlled. Hate preachers must be controlled and stopped. But what is hate? Who are they? Is this blog considered to be hate speech?
  • More diversity: people have to unite, to mix. So that there won’t be any difference and we will all stand with one culture. In other words, what she proposes as a solution for the white genocide is more white genocide.
  • More power to police to counter attack terrorism – yet who are the terrorists? What is terrorism? Without proper definition, we can assume that this is everything that is not in line with the public order as imposed by the government. Hence, the counter terrorism proposed is not about taking measures against diversity and Islam, but rather to force people to mix, and to put in jail anyone who disagrees. Most probably this blog falls under this category.

Let me state the concrete options available to recover our lands, stop terrorism and become wealthier:

  • Voluntary or forced departure of 90% of all non-European immigrants;
  • Interdiction of Islam or heavy tax on non-Christian faith;
  • European nationalities based on blood. The others can be residents, but never citizens and hence will never have decision power;
  • Non-European get an extra income tax, their ancestor didn’t benefit to our greatness.
  • Re-introduction of white European music, movies and culture;
  • Interdiction of multiracial sex and relationships in movies, music, etc.;
  • Introduction of new Christianity, coupled with a national and ethno-centric education;
  • Interdiction of abortion in exception with extreme cases (rape, baby’s health, mother’s health, no longer than 8 week embryo);
  • Stop all military interventions in any country around the world;
  • Stop all foreign aids to other countries (including humanitarian or transfer of technology);
  • Provide military training to all European native;
  • Let citizens have guns and have the right of self-presevation;
  • Remove feminism from society. Let the markets regulates – only punish rape and violence;
  • Tough policies on drugs and alcohol;
  • Promote racial homogeneity, and family values;
  • Fire and send to jail all politicians supporting non-European immigration, gay rights and feminism.
  • Expensive visa for foreigners
  • High taxes on ANY product coming from countries not sharing our values (China, India, Saudia Arabia (including oil)).

If we start with 20% of this, I can tell that we’ll already have big changes.

Brothers, stand still, and keep pushing.

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