Muslims protesting against ISIS – LOL

This is a short article, but it ought to be said. After the London attack, Muslim taxi drivers made the great gift of driving people for free. And if they are Muslims, it is a gift! It doesn’t matter at all if whites help, pay taxes, leave their lands, give their women. No, what matters is a couple of Muslims driving for free for an hour.


Anyway, what we would expect is an actual Muslim civil unrestĀ against terrorism. We would expect them to denounce the ones preaching hate. They are all aware of it. Muslims (North Africans, Arabs) do communicate a lot! They all have a huge network of friends. They meet all the time either in coffees, at home or in Mosque. Yet, they say nothing.

This reminds of that little story where a friend of mine – white girl – used to date some Arabic man. Her guy was aware of everything she did during the day. All the shops she went. To whom she talked. That’s because they all communicate among each other. So basically, they want us to believe that they know what their women do on a 15′ scale, but they have no clue that there are some terrorists? Really?

Anyway! It had to be shown either way, and this is why CNN organized this fake protestation.

I guess this doesn’t needs any comments. Yet, it is surprising to see the MSM having any credibility left so far.

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