The new normal and the unreported

Well, end of July for another attack, let’s say it was a bit optimistic. This seems to be happening every day now.


There is still a few points that need to be underlined:

  1. Most of small aggression done by Arabs/Blacks on white are nor reported anywhere concerning Europe. These are by the thousands every single day. I myself was attacked dozens of times, and had a complain for racism when I defended against 3!
  2. The establishment points the finger at the ones who did nothing: the “extreme right winger”, the racist, the fascist, the Nazi, etc. Hence the solution remains the same: surrender, interbreed, and single hood for normal conservative white men.
  3. When allowing critics, the establishment points the finger at the extreme Islam (still undefined and unrecognized by Muslims themselves) as the only reason for the call to violence… keeping silent about all other aggression’s that are done by Blacks, Latinos and Southern Europeans.

Sadly, and this is not what we ever wished for, we are at war. And it is only a question of time before the Western men counter attack OR the eastern Europe will counter attack, and if not, it will be Russia as a last resort.

Guys, we are going to have 20 years of pains. Stand still brothers. Unite with all you can. Train. Make children. Do not listen to women, they will do everything to avoid the conflict, including giving themselves to the enemy.

God bless you.

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