Trump bombs Syria: A smart move or a stab in the back?

A couple of days ago, a chemical tragedy was reported in Syria. According to mainstream media, the gas has been released by Assad, who is eager to kill his own population (according to the media) – innocent civilians (This doesn’t make any sense in the first place but let’s put this aside). This time, we will all agree, it is easy to be against Arabs. But we won’t. And for different reasons.

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Indeed, the gas used was “Sarin“, and it has a very specific property: it penetrates your skin (Therefore full body protection is needed). So, really we don’t know the truth there.¬†And guess who’s fallen for it officially? Trump.


Trump didn’t find any better idea (sarcastically or not) to respond by bombing the presumed airbase responsible for the chemical attack, without waiting for real experts analysis and intelligence. It is a shame. Worse, knowing that a military intervention requires planning, it becomes clear that this was all staged. Recently, he was tweeting “whoever we defend we will be the bad ones. Syria is not our war. We shall not stay and lose more lives there.”. Yet, he bombed Syria anyway…

Putin has condemned this as an aggression, while Israel (Ironically), Saudi Arabia, Turkey, England, France cheered and all newspaper finally backed the president of the United States.

Drawing any conclusion at this stage would be premature because the informations given are clearly not sufficient enough. Here is what we know:

  • It was staged. Probably by the same people who told us about WMD in Iraq.
  • Syrian Air-force base was bombed by the US Armed Forces.
  • Trump tweeted a few days ago he is OK with Assad as the ruler of Syria.
  • Trump has not responded nor tweeted since the bombing.

So up until now we can only assume a few outcomes. But not any conclusion.

  • First scenario, Trump drew a line in the sand. He is showing us more clearly who are the cucks and the puppets of the hawkish neocons, and who these people truly are. This could help him denounce all the fake news Russian conspiracy theorists. He could therefore use all of this to pull back from Syria (Like Reagan did in Lebanon) and kick a few parasites from the US legal system at the same time. This is the least likely scenario but the most ideal one.
  • The other scenario was that Trump stabbed the AltRight in the back. That he actually support wasting tax-money overseas, that he support massive migration from Brown countries into White Land.

This last scenario is far more likely as this would align with his poor performance on repealing Obamacare, building the Wall, draining the swamp and slashing Government spending. But I hope that I am wrong on this one.

In any case, Trump needs to understand that even though he used leftist tactics to get elected (and got respected for it) the AltRight is very different from the left. We don’t blindly back a politician like a God. If he doesn’t solve immigration (bombing Syria is directly linked to it) then we can bet he will be crippled by the 2018 elections and he can forget 2020.

But at this point, only faith can really save us.

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