Football is actually really racist

These days lots of crispy news about the success of non whites in sports are constantly brought up to the forefront. The latest Qatari sex arousal is Neymar, for the PSG. For not less than 260 millions euro and a salary of 300 millions at least, he is coming to save white people from making football boring.


Please don’t see this post as racist or based on hatred. A country like Qatar would only want us to enjoy better football on TV right? They are not the kind of guys seeking to destroy Western civilization. And they probably have nothing to do with he constant Anti-White propaganda flooding the West right now… And the bias in choosing and paying non-white football players in Europe is not going to push our women to definitely abandon the white males who can barely get a high paying job and who are constantly pictured as boring. Look at our new monkey in Town: Neymar, the real man: tanned, brown, millionaire and sportive.  Knowing all of this, how could there be any bias in buying a player for equivalent of  the entire PSG yearly revenues, especially when surrounded by great business men. Qatar would for sure invest with the same vivacity in some white alt-right christian man talented in sport, wouldn’t they?

Look at the Belgian, French and Cameroun national teams:

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Cameroun is black, Belgium is black, France is black. What’s the problem? Afterall England has always been black, I don’t see any logic gap there: whites are not welcome in sports just like they are not welcome anywhere. Non-whites are constantly praised for whatever they do, and get hired based solely on their skin color. Out of the 30 best football players, less than 10 are said to be white… yet the best football teams are and always have been in white Europe!

Watching sports surely can be a time in a man’s life to stress out, meet friends and relax. But it is not. It is just another tool of propaganda for diversity (aka no White men). Does anyone enjoy hearing his girlfriend or children praising non-whites virility? I don’t. So, Stop watching Football, it is racist.

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