Right wing, change your tactic

Swedish men demonstrated that are still some white men ready to sacrifice themselves to a bigger cause than their own specific interest. No-one knows their personal background, but we all know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it must be full of suffering.



In any case, any right winger must understand that he will suffer and endure pain no matter what. Only solidarity and brotherhood will keep us alive and help us carry on through difficult times.

As Andrew explained in the DailyStormer, these events are also bringing us some conclusions. They shall not be repeated. But rather commented and rethought.
Up until now, many right wing events and actions have been colored by aggression and/or violence. From Richard Spencer to these North Men, it is just sad to note that neither the left, neither the camels will calm down and just accept facts and evidence. They are instrumentalized by the ruling elite for a bigger goal that is the ethnic cleansing of European bloodline.

Now the question must be asked: are these events really providing the expected results? Sadly… not really.

We do not recommend any kind of violence, but we all know that violence is not avoidable. Yet, the current strategy is not working. We are not in control, and we can’t win a fight against the majority. A minority can only win if it is united and acting in the shadow. To some extend, we should inspire ourselves from the Jewish community, who acts as a chameleon. Sadly, the alt-right values cannot be followed to win this fight. We must speak the truth and be honest, but we also must control ourselves and act behind the curtains.
Hence, our reflections led us to these conclusions:

  • We need to have a list of all right wing organizations in USA and Europe, along with their leaders. This list shouldn’t be available on internet. We must stop the exclusive internet movement and meet in the real world (we encourage anyone to show up in Charlottesville this week end, even if you are altLite).
  • Communication should be encrypted to some extend.
  • The fact that some activists will not be full red pill must be tolerated. Maybe they are just anti-Muslim, or else … It doesn’t matter, because in the end, we will all fight on the same side.
  • We must re-create our own technological infrastructure (youtube, messaging, etc.).
  • We need to stop showing: Nazi signs/uniforms, violence, etc. This is not helping nor giving us good marketing; we rather look disorganized and weak.
  • We must all train hard: join Krav Maga, Close Combat, Boxing, Karate, etc. and do it, at leas twice a week. I can tell you that 90% of Muslims do train to fight since the’re 4 years old in France, Holland, Germany, Belgium, etc.
  • We must study military tactics: modern, asian and roman
  • We must join an airsoft club and train on military tactics
  • We have to learn how to shoot (for Europeans, get a gun licence and buy a gun with enough ammo – but don’t use it!)
  • We must arm ourselves. Get other weapons (stick, kubotan, knives…) – but don’t use it!
  • We must take care of our health. Hit the gym at least twice a week to develop your strength. Eat well and take care of your health. Pray, meditate, get the stress out of your system.
  • Meet guys and train with them when possible on military techniques.
  • We must get into psychological warfare and physical warfare (when possible). We do not encourage violence, but rather working on two battlefields:
    • Information war through active posting on all left wing media (newspaper, videos, etc.)
    • Self defence: never do something illegal, but drfend yourself and your family. Actin the shadows, this is much more destabilising.

I can’t stress it enough: there is only one way for a minority to win, it is to act in the shadow, but united and organized.

Remember that the left is composed of gays, women, low-T men. On the other side, non whites are rather aggressive and well trained. Considering the size of the camps, there is no way the right can win neither democratically, neither on an open violence field. We must get weapons our enemy does not have and cannot have: strength, discipline, unity and smartness. Things must be done in a much more organized manner, while remaining legal, and behind the curtain.

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