Against leftists? Fight with Hungary

Last Friday 15th February 2017, Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, made a step. He now declared publicly the true oppression in Europe. He recognised the war going on. He admitted that other European nations want to stand against Brussels. He mentioned Poland. He met Putin a couple of weeks ago. Definitely, something is going on, and that’s not going to be peaceful.

“If Europe does not return to the path of common sense, it will find itself laid low in a battle for its fate” – Viktor Orban

“Naturally, we will take in the real refugees,” Orban said at his annual state of the union address. “The panicked German, Dutch, French and Italian politicians and journalists, Christians forced to leave their countries will find here the Europe they lost at home.”

He is the first Politicians to officially recognise white people as oppressed by both white liberals and Muslim communities. He declared Hungary as ready to accept these white people from the west as “real refugee” in Hungary.

First we allow them to tell us who to allow in our country. Then they force us to serve the foreigners. In the end we find ourselves told to pack and leave our own land.

I was living in the western Europe. After almost 30 years of oppression, dozens of aggression from Muslims (or Arabic, etc.), I faced a choice: stay and fight or run away. I tried to fight the system, but desperately the cancer is too big in Brussels or Paris to do anything. Alt-right communities are non-existent, and you quickly become a kind of “self crusaders”. You become isolated socially, professionally and economically. And should this not be enough, should you defend yourself and make noise, they put you in jail. I had no choice, I run away from my country so that foreigners can enjoy our lands, our wealth and our women. That’s the truth. That’s my story and the one of many.

The main danger of Europe’s future does not come from those who want to come here, but from Brussels fanatics of internationalism. We cannot allow Brussels to place itself above the law.

Truly, European Commission and European Parliament make a sport out of making useless laws and restricting our liberties. In the name of security and freedom, we find ourselves hunted down, thrown in jail and exiled. They position their opponents as sexist, fascist, dictator, Nazi, homophobic, anti-Semitic… but they are the ones hiring the hot eastern chicks to fuck them at work, making them dream about a well-paid position in the EU institutions. These people earn about 4000-8000 EUR a month, and do nothing. And when they do, they basically work against the people, thinking about non-needed rules, and creating more weights for these considered as the “oppressing majority” – namely the normal white straight man. They deeply believe their position is legitimate, and that their salary is totally justified. They believe others should pay for them, because they are the “smart ones”. Well, with experience, I’d say they are the sick ones, not the smart ones.

Viktor Orban didn’t make a small step. Thanks Viktor.


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