We are not facing multi-culturalism

In the latest disgusting news, the MSM couldn’t help throwing more anti-white propaganda down our throat. Who can, in his right mind, believe that the results of the latest “America go talent” (or not) were unbiased?


Let’s have a quick look at the judges:

  • Simon Cowell. A man of no particular religion. Self proclaimed Atheist who has little care about neither the fate of Western civilization nor talent nor the white race…
  • Mel B… probably the least biased judge and I am not being ironic. But we all know how blacks are fair and balanced when it comes to judging. Just go to Rhodesia Zimbabwe.
  • Heidi Klum. Model and mudshark… see the correlation yet?
  • Howie Mandel… another man of no particular religion.

What could go wrong here? A pretty well diversed jury… except there is not white Christian people in it!

So next time you hear about multi-culturalism, you might first realize that it always end up the same way (not very diverse indeed). There is no “multi-” in multi-culturalism. Just like there is no culture either. It is Africanization. The death of the West, the extinction of the white race.

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  1. Interesting that you made this point.

    I was with a few friends having a pizza party, tuning into Americas Got Talent for some – what was expected to be – mindless, non-political entertainment when this came up. Being more ‘tolerant’ than I, a couple of my cohorts chuckled awkwardly in stunned amusement at parts – when I couldn’t take it any longer I blurted out, ‘This is revolting…!’ One of the ‘tolerant’ ones replied, ‘You know what, this time I’m not gonna argue with ya’ there…’ We all decided to turn off the Jew tube and play a game of Canasta instead.

    Just a side note: you don’t expect that a show like this wouldn’t have a least one member of the tribe associated with it – I’ve seen bits of other episodes where Howie Mandell would criticize and belittle fairly decent White folk or country singers just to praise ridiculous and offensive ‘acts’ right after. It disgusts me.

    • You are totally right. It is just disgusting. There are no shows, nor movies or music anymore but just the propaganda of anti white agenda. We gotta keep pushing anytime we can and exposing them.

      • Indeed. It’s really pathetic that decent White Folk can’t find any contemporary entertainments to provide distraction from this crumbling mess that is the US. Everywhere one goes, everything one does, inevitably reminds Us that Our Traditions and Our People are under attack. I’m a modern Woman – I like sci-fi, future-fiction, ect. – but today’s productions in those realms are the same, always subliminal attacks against Our Ways of life. It’s a shame that the good stuff in those realms are from years ago – and I’ve watched them too many times to sit and watch them again just to be entertained.

        My friends often tell me that I spend too much time talking politics – perhaps that wouldn’t be the case if there was something else to do. Even attempting to take a walk in the park turns out to be precarious – it’s a shame that a Woman has to conceal carry just to feel safe in something as mundane as that.


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