Are leftists pedophiles?

This is a subject I wanted to write about for a long time. It has been now years that I find everyday more ties between left and pedophilia.

They are "good friends"

As you know, lefties – so called “journalist” and “social justice warriors” – are restless to attack the Catholic Church (and Christianity) . Yet, looking honestly, Christianity is having a pretty good record. Why aren’t they talking about pedophilia in other religions or other parts of the world? Why aren’t they disclosing their pedophiles concentration in their own ranks? Why didn’t they shout, demonstrate and become aggressive when Turkey took steps to make legal pedophilia? – rather they accelerate their admission in the EU! In need of examples?

Truth is that lefties are trying, as usual, to hide a truth they don’t want the public to know. And, as usual, the shit they pinpoint in other’s backyard is nothing but a swipe under the carpet. Considering the latest revelations from Wikileaks, I believe it is reasonable to suspect the left of having many pedophiles into their rank… and by “reasonable” I mean a lot more than any other social group that actually exist. Some examples?

  • Hillary Clinton defended a pedophile, get him off jail and feels perfectly fine about it
  • Elio Di rupo, former Prime Minister and many other Belgian politicians (socialist)

But these are just examples. The root cause is much deeper and has to do with who they are, the reason why they are lefties.

The first thing to do is to look for left supporters:

  • Women
  • GAY, Tranies,…
  • Gamma males
  • Low-IQ population (Mostly Africa, Middle East, India and South America)

To be make it easier, let’s call them r-selected people. If you are not familiar with r and K selection, I strongly advise watching the series of videos made by Stefan Molyneux concerning this subject.

To be brief, R selected people do not see the world as we do. They usually have a poor family background (lack of father, violence in the family, divorce) or are coming from low IQ nations where a quick reproduction strategy is the best way to ensure the survival of the species. These elements jeopardize their control and understanding of their environment, and of their life. They lack structure, direction and principles which are necessary to control ones life and to lead it to the accomplishment of a higher goal than himself. In a nutshell, they live in constant fear – ironically they are also the ones using words ending with “phobia”.

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All these people are not mentally balanced, and their sexuality can’t be healthy. Often, they see sex as an obsession. And it is in this world that pedophiles flourish. Their lack of structure and principles cannot restrain themselves from accomplishing their fantasies. A pedophile is always R-selected. And from a natural stand point, R-selected people tend to defend other R-selected people. Indeed, their lack of structure and self confidence make them weak. They need permanent validation from the herd; they’d rather all be in the shit together than alone on the right track.

This explains is why the left is taking defense of pedophiles, and why they refuse castration or the death penalty for these kind of individual.

Remember, deep inside every lefty is or sleeps a pedophile.

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