Sweden: the end of an argument.

The event that happened recently in Sweden surprised me in a way… it was a surprise to many people. Anyone with a sound mind saw this coming. It is not big news, it is now part of the usual Western European life. I wouldn’t be surprise seeing these types of events elsewhere in countries like Lithuania or Slovakia and I wonder if they will still consider Putin as enemy number one.

So if I saw this event coming miles away why is it worth covering it here?


Because commies, socialists, liberals and libertarians ran for decades with the argument “it is payback/blow-back for American and European imperialism”. And it is the end of it. Sweden has been the model of non-interventionism and neutrality for decades. Sweden barely had any colonies. Sweden was a prosperous country that ruined itself by giving away it’s wealth, freedom and genetic background. The argument of the “religion of peace” or “peaceful race” is OVER. If this teaches us one thing:


And here is a big thank you for all our SJWs friends for their cynical jokes:

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