Video footage of actual White Sharia

Surfing on the web I came across video footage of Berlin in colour in 1900. I couldn’t help but notice tons of difference in the details between Berlin of 1900 and any city today in the West.

The first thing that struck me: “THIS IS WHITE SHARIA AT WORK”!

Ok, funny, but more seriously:

  1. Look at the posture of men and the way they walk. Confident, calm, energetic, optimistic… And this is the case for all men. Maybe they all had the copy of the book “The game” of Neil Strauss, but for some reason I really doubt that.
  2. Second, women look good, beautiful and without being bitchy. And I don’t see any sign of oppression whatsoever. They look quiet good, healthy and satisfied. It should come as a surprise to any libtards that women’s happiness is on the decline despite the fall of the evil patriarchy.

And a few other points worth mentioning:

  1. The architecture is splendid. I can’t even imagine how pleasant it must be to walk down those streets. It seems to me that White Christian men haven’t got any match so far concerning architecture… Or just am I too proud of our achievements.
  2. Despite having automation at a much much lower levels than today, they had quiet a number of men in non-productive jobs. 1.2 % of the population was in the army, compared to today 0.07 % (for Germany). You can see super clean streets, guard of the Kaiser etc.
  3. Whites do the “dirty jobs”. There is a myth that there are some jobs that would not be taken by whites because it is either too hard or not well paid. This is completely untrue and this footage proves it. And even more today, considering automation and modern tools.

So, yeah this is the society we should aim at, and not that one full of faggots and degenerates that believe in equal shit for everyone.

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  1. As I often point out, these Good and Noble People – and the society they built – could not be allowed to stand by the enemies of all the is True and Pure. They came under assault with the senseless catastrophe of the First Great War, and when that war’s destruction wasn’t enough – and a Great Leader rose to rebuild this Beautiful Land – the enemies chose to bring total annihilation from which Germany has never come back. By destroying this Germany, the West destroyed itself.

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