Bye bye Holland

Today is one of the most important day in the history of the Netherlands. But the situation is already at the point of no return. The Kingdom of Netherlands, once one of the most prosperous nation on earth who gave the world some great names like Christiaan Huygens (Astronomer), Franciscus Gomarus (Tehologian), Cornelius de Pauw (Philosopher), Jacob van Campen (Architect) and Vincent van Gogh (Painter). But Netherlands of the past is no longer. Before jumping into the subject some facts are needed (credits to Stefan Molyneux):


All those official numbers are a lot worse in reality. Statistics concerning the Dutch people include all kind people who were born in Netherlands, but who are not “native”. These people know it, and they don’t feel Dutch. And who can blame them? They just don’t look like. They have nothing in common: the language, the appearance, the behaviors, the customs, the history, etc. It is only normal that people search for their history.

The migrants who are now living in the Netherlands are not Dutch (even after 3 generations). They will never be so. Therefore they are colonizers or occupiers. They didn’t come to contribute to the Dutch greatness, they came to enjoy the benefits.

After Trump in USA, Europe is playing its faith. One by one the European countries have to choose their leader. The late skirmish with Turkey is a mere premise of the future. In a nutshell:

  • Erdogan called European Nations fascists and Nazi’s
  • Erdogan returned the Dutch cows saying “Dutch cows are genetically inferior to Turkish cows”
  • Erdogan said “our army is 10 times bigger, and we already have 400.000 Turkish in Holland”
  • Today’s hack states “Dutch, Germans are Nazi… This is a slap from the Ottoman empire… Learn Turkish if you

The war can’t be stated more clearly. Back in Brussels a girl from a wealthy Turkish family told me that Turkey’s aim is the Ottoman empire and the extermination of white Christians. She told me straight in the eyes. So what are we waiting for to react?

The Netherlands is already at a point of no return (at least peacefully). But more Sarazin hordes (as suggested by Erdogan) will for sure trigger the next set of events pretty quickly.

Anyway, Dutch chose their faith. They want to be replaced, to be slaves and to die. They want their children to be slaves, and to disappear. They want their culture to be forgotten for ever.



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