The good Muslim fallacy

Too often I hear the argument “What about the Good Muslim?”. Having grown up in Belgium, I personally know a lot of Muslims and I keep a friendly relation with all of them. The ones I know have jobs, they are not violent nor rapists.  These are the Muslims every lefty would point at as an example of a successful integration.


But what make a nation a nation? What makes its identity? Why Bavarians, Prussians and Sarrians consider themselves German? They use to lived in distinct countries. The same can be asked about French, British and many other Nations. And the most common answer will be “The Language”. Which gives part of the answer but not entirely as there are many counter-examples. What gives an national identity is the history people lived together: the battles fought, the infrastructure built together, the shared rituals, the fairy tales told to children, etc. History build the culture that unite people.

Nonetheless, my Muslims friends (or blacks, or Indians,etc.) do not share any of my roots. Quite the contrary. Don’t believe me? Our point of view diverge immediately when we go on historical topics such as crusades, colonization, slavery, who invented what (ask them about flight, urban planning or running water). Beside apparent difference, history and culture draw a line that is unbreakable and that prevent any real deep connection to be built. Worse, any argument would result in a fight that would break our relationship. Hence, silence is the guardian of our superficial friendship. Sad but true.

Accepting their view of history and culture is not integration, it is submission.

You would say “but why not considerate their opinion? Don’t be harsh!”. Of course this would be easy. We could simply take the guilt on us as the leftists do. But what about them acknowledging the greatness of our civilization and the value of Christian? What about them respecting our community, our unity? What about them apologizing for the past and the present? What about them saying “thank you, you are the only ones in this world who give us freely what belongs to you without asking anything in return. You are the only one who truly believe in humanity”?

It is important to realize that giving to them is only possible as long as resources are abundant. As long as banks and governments print money, it is possible to take on us and keep the peace. Yet, one day, it will be over – and sooner than we think considering the western debts. The day a serious economical crash or a war will occur, those division who seemed small and irrelevant will become unsolvable. People will point the finger at each others, but it will be too late.

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