Feminism, that big lie

Everydayfeminism, what a bunch of bullshit! At least they make my day laughing. They just confirm everything that I could learn or read about feminism, gamma males and women. From Otto W. early 20th or Pierre-Joseph Proudhon in the 19th, authors reached the same conclusion: destroy masculinity and release women and you will get chaos.

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Shameless Everydayfeminism releases an article against masculinity and patriarchy once in a while. In November 2016, they wrote the “7 Reasons Why Patriarchy Is Bad (And Feminism Is Good) For Men”. On 8th January 2017, they are back on track with the same shit “Men, Wake Up: 3 Types of Toxic Masculinity to Leave Behind in 2017”. Let’s analyse some of the quotes and re-frame them:

A big part of feminism is understanding how one’s actions and beliefs affect others, which patriarchal masculinity systematically avoids by upholding a more individualistic and man-versus-world mentality.

Yes, exactly feminism is about understanding how we affect each others, in exception how feminism affects others! Feminists do not care much for culture or others feeling per se. Actually, generally speaking, unless they had a good father, a good masculine model in their life, it is unlikely that women will care for anything else but themselves – their emotions, how they feel. Pick up a fight with your wife or your gf and tell me who always believes to be right in ANY circumstances and who gets to apologize for nothing.

Men do care for others feeling; they actually put other’s feelings and lives before themselves. That is called duty, dedication, discipline, focus, action, perseverance, strength, patience, emotional restrain.

Feminists are much more interested in creating a space that feels safe and comfortable for as many people as possible.

I will refer to this:

I am sorry, that is a lie. But feminists do not care about lying.

What many feminists would rather see is men working alongside them to break down those barriers and norms and embrace a life of self-actualization that is free of baseless categorizations and judgments.

In other words, what a man does doesn’t influence the perspective of a woman. Yet, watch women at a concert, at work, or in front of famous/political figure. They suddenly arose they panties… Women are attracted by taller men, richer men, more powerful men (physically and socially). It is a fact, and breaking this provides you with… gamma males. Remember, women are result attracted, but process oriented.

Feminism is out to protect everyone from the terrifying outcomes of rape and rape culture by making sure it can not only be talked about more openly, but it can also be more openly disavowed and dismantled.

How many feminist protestation against Islam, massive African immigration to Europe and their rape culture? Women do not care about rape culture, because it doesn’t exist where feminism is. Rape is disgusting, and this is not part of European culture, deal with it.

But feminism is also important for men to achieve a level of radical self-love that patriarchy doesn’t allow in any way.

According to feminists, destroying masculinity of a man enables him to love himself. Well, that’s pretty sick to say. You can only love yourself when you embrace your identity, which is: sex – color – race – culture – family – religion – social status. Cultural Marxism you say?

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Guys, let’s be serious. Feminism is about sexual liberation. It is about earning money to be able to divorce – sic the stereotype of the independent woman. It is  about liberating your hypergamic sexuality to its paroxysm, removing all safeguards from society and obtaining privileges to support it. Objectifying men, removing their masculinity and their right to be men. Men and women are made to be together and make a family, that’s called biology.

We love women as women, and men as men. Women deserve respect, and you can only respect them truly if you accept their nature. Patriarchy is the legitimate system because it275742f5cb8480e237e8d5ad370a492f97a6fc0038116ad05078b02b3a39183e_1 promotes masculine values which are necessary to build, maintain and defend a culture, starting from its family.

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