Barcelone vs Charlottevilles… #DoubleStandards?

In a surprising turn of events, new muslim terror attacks happened once in Europe. Special thanks to immigration for bringing us such wonderful cultural enrichment. Without it, life would not be so much fun… Sounds ironic? Well the MSM still seem to take all of this seriously along with their followers.

Not surprisingly the media first asked the public to not jump into any premature conclusion. After all, who would do such a thing?

Well … in Charlottesville at least it appeared pretty sharp to judge quickly, didn’t it? In over less than an hour, everyone knew a white supremacist “neo-nazi” was the perpetrator. Even more surprisingly, even some self proclaimed conservatives seized this wonderful opportunity to blame people they call “Nazi”. It seems this was their belated Christmas gift. For how long did they wait for a “neo-nazi” to do something wrong after all? And the fact that the suspect was apparently a fierce leftist sponsored by Soros doesn’t ring a bell to anyone. And there is not event a single “neo-nazi” group claiming the attack and he didn’t have the support from anyone, even the real nazis who marched down with swastikas… Is it time to suggest that the MSM are suffering from double standards?

Anyway, love, understanding, tolerance and tons of cash did not stop the Barcelona attacks, thank you diversity! Even if we are not asking much during holidays, we can not just accept living in terror. And just like after any attack this question must be asked: When does it stop? When are the European people stop accepting all of this?

While leftist tend to put every opponent in the same bag labeling them as “racist”, “nazi” or “white supremacist” (Go figure than one out), the Right cannot accept the same behavior (Irony again? yeah right…). We (the Right) DO ACKNOWLEDGE that this event does not represent all Muslims or all Arabs… But is doesn’t change the fact we are still calling for imminent mass deportation of 99% of non-Whites out of Europe (Which represent 7% of habitable land on Earth). DIVERSITY + PROXIMITY = WAR. Always.

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