Are tranies important?

The god Emperor decided to reverse the policies of his mentally deficient predecessor in regards with having tranies taking a dump next your 8 year old daughter in the ladies bathroom.

The god emperor reversed a rule that was unconstitutional and had absolutely no reasons to be whatsoever. The LGBTQ community never brought any solid argument for it. And the USA government with 20 trillions dollars of debt (probably more than it’s total GDP if calculations were honest), more than 100 trillions dollars of unfunded liabilities (doubled in the last 8 years), military bases all around the world, a huge demographic problem and a bubble on basically every sector of the economy (including education)… has little time, money or energy to spend for a tiny fraction of the population that is mentally ill LITERALLY.


The big problem lies in the very fact that this issue was brought up, signed into law… and brought up again. This is not the job of the USA president, and it is not the job of anyone to care about people who made a choice for being mentally ill. You have to be functionally retarded to believe this is a relevant issue in today’s world.

But nobody cares about tranies. I don’t. The god Emperor doesn’t. The AltRight for sure doesn’t. But I know a group of people who actually care a lot less than we do: the IQ deficient leftoids SJWs. They like that kind of mentally sick subject because they have nothing else to argue. Come on leftists, just bring this subject at lunch time in front of everyone, you might be able to make friends or ridicule a healthy alt-right man!

This gamma brings it up (or the feminist) and talks about it for the same reason he wears his hat or scarf inside the office while it is 23 C (73 F) . It is a trend; it is what he read in the newspaper this morning and therefore that should be important. He has no goals but trying to be fashionable. Talking fashionable is a good way to virtue signal and get the attention of the hot chick he will never fuck.

But no worry, debating such individuals is useless for this very reason: there is no substance, no facts… no debate. And the gamma couldn’t care less about transgender bathroom more than your dog. If he did he would start a fundraiser to build tranies bathrooms all around the world. But he never will.

And that’s why you should never engage them in their debate, on their ground. The best way is to bring him to the only language he understands which is the one-on-one confrontation. If you can afford this luxury tell him: “GAMMA, your conversations are boring, shut up or say something interesting”.

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