Morality and feelings

Today’s society is enjoyment based. If you wanna be cool, you ought to enjoy everything around you. You ought to comply. You ought to think less to be happy and hence accepted. You ought to base your life on feelings instead of morality, on pleasure instead of duty. Do what you learned in school. Do what you see in the movies. Do not ask questions, fear being rejected.


Complying is a psychological process also called “social desirability“, and it is connected to abstraction capacities; hence intelligence. Complying socially is a necessity for our species since we can’t survive without the others. But what if we all comply to the long term slaughtering of ourselves?

Before, good and bad were defined by religion and parental education. For example, women could not have free sex, men neither. Respect and honor were larger concepts than today. What happened?

By removing religion, putting women at work, and implementing divorce, children were left alone to the claws of an eager left government. Through scholar indoctrination, the good and bad are redefined to comply with what is necessary to control the masses and ensure the survival of an ever growing central power.

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School tells us:

  • Christians are whites mostly
  • Christians did crusades, so whites are bad
  • Women were oppressed by men in Europe
  • European men oppressors of women
  • A racist is white, and racism is bad
  • Whites are racists and should mix
  • Nazi were bad and didn’t have any moral high ground
  • Nazi were german whites
  • Germans are bad and should tolerate immigration
  • Anyone against immigration is racist if he is white
  • If you feel good about something, it is good
  • If you feel bad about something, it is bad
  • You are bad if you disagree with mainstream education, films and TV shows
  • Etc.

By defining good and bad through feelings and illogical (and non justified) preconceived ideas, we actually jeopardize morality. The cognitive dissonance created by the gap between the “fake world” and “real world” (but also what our genetic tells us) requires constant propaganda to be maintained. This is why the Soviet Union used to send to mental hospitals those who disagreed. Hopefully, today, we have doctors, psychologies,  media,  music, TV shows, etc. to show us that the problem is with us and that we should learn how to live with it instead of pointing out what is wrong around us. In case of needs, we can still disconnect with one of these pills.

Morality and feelings must normally be totally dissociated in order to control our basic instincts and continue to build on the existing society. Indeed, a bad feeling can be something good, and a good feeling can be something bad. Being in control of our life according to morality is the key to a lasting peaceful civilization.

Abstractly, values are independent from feelings. Cheating feels good, but it is bad. Generosity is not love. Generosity is not socialism. Love is not tolerance. Pleasure is not necessarily good , and sadness is not necessarily bad.

Morality is not a feeling, it is a way to lead our life. Feelings is what we experience on this journey.

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