The end of Fifth Republic

Sunday 23rd of April 2017 was the last chance for the French people to turn the boat and avoid a total disaster. Sure having Le Pen elected would not have solved all problems but things would not have been as hard as they are going to get now. This is the last true election held in France and the french people decided to blow it. Or maybe it was already to late.


Looking at the number, everyone knows the outcome of the second round of elections. But the numbers gives us a lot of information. In France, around 110 thousands Arabs and blacks get the citizenship every year. And the number is rising. This number can be multiplied when taken into account the family reunions. And all non-Whites among the new young voters (4 millions new voters by 2022) will also vote for the left. They make at least 40 % of French youth. So it is safe to say that the left will receive a boost of 3 million votes. This is about 40% of what Le Pen got. It is IMPOSSIBLE to ever have a right wing French President ever again. And this is using official numbers only…

It is also important to note that clear stab in the back from the older generations. While 40% of young people voted for Le Pen (this means an overwhelming majority of young whites), only 20% of the old generation voted for her. This is the “68 generation” who never had the guts to reform the failed social-security and failed healthcare program while they still had time to do so. This is the generation that gave us feminism and open borders. They had 1 chance to save the situation, to help their children and grand-children. But instead they decided to satisfy their own ego and their own greed until their very last day.

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