The NFL is messing with the wrong gang.

The NFL went full SJW with their hysterical #TakeAKnee decision. But as every SJW actions, this is a purely emotional attack. SJWs will never learn the lessons of #GamerGate and the product their of: The Alt-Right.


The NFL, contrary to what they might believe, is a pure entertainment show. There is no added-value. There is no wealth coming out all of this beside good time and relaxation. But neither me nor millions of Americans want to turn on TV and get another shitload of SJW bull crap. But SJW are committed to their narrative before anything or anyone else. And attacking the most sacred American sport is going to back fire on them and big time.

  1. SJWs believe they have the majority of the people backing them up. Therefore booing them and boycotting them will have a tremendous effect on their morale which is extremely fragile.
  2. Destroying the NFL might be another nail in the coffin of the SJW narrative. And hopefully the last one. It will given as an example that SJW destroy everything in their path, they are not courageous and they are not loyal.
  3. SJWs wish to isolate conservative white males. But since they think they have the majority behind their back, they don’t realize what is ahead of them. And it is almost impossible to isolate us anymore. As they keep pushing they redpil the population. People find out who are great figures like Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson are. It is not simply about being Anti-SJW. It is about being pro-white and pro-west.

I just cannot wait to see the #MemeWars firing back at the NFL and show the true force of the Alt-Right. Not only that, the God-Emperor also pounded on their head. This is going to be on hell of a show.

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