A new far right?

Lately the terms far right and alt right became somehow closer.

And it is normal, in the end the mainstream narrative pinpoints the same characteristics, leaving aside the kike question. Google points out inaccurately:

Members of the altright use websites like Twitter and Breitbart News to convey their message. Altrightpostings generally support Republican President-elect Donald Trump, and oppose immigration, multiculturalism and political correctness. … The “altright” are not further right than the far right.

In reality far right political movements are still far from being alt right. We could even categorize some far right move to be closer to communism or socialism. As an example, let’s point out the Front National in France who is militating for a better social covering – not very alt right. Google points, inaccurately:

Farright politics are right-wing politics further on the right of the left-rightspectrum than the standard politicalrightFarright politics often involve a focus on tradition, real or imagined, as opposed to policies and customs that are regarded as reflective of modernism.

Yet some beliefs are shared, at least broadly. We both believe in nationalism and in the importance of preserving our culture. Most far right movement are still incline to immigration quotas, while the alt right talks about massive deportation in a best case scenario. The old leader of the French Front National also had concerns about the kikes.

In any case, we kind of want the same: our countries back.

Leftists argue that without European Union, Europeans will fight each other. Well, if Europeans will not fight each other, they will fight them, and hopefully the kikes, but that’s for another story. You can’t bring back order without a few loss. Left versus right, a plan designed for decades by our kikes elites undoubtedly.

Besides, Europeans would be standing for their first time together, and achieve what EU never could. That’s at least one positive point. It seems that beyond far right and alt right, we see some kind of cultural survival instinct popping up.

The left has been totally brain washed for years. Latest example would be the “he will not devide us” move in USA. Actually, most leftists do get privileges from this system. Without that, they basically end up in a life without a mean, and without a purpose. That’s simply what we call nihilism.

Leftists also say that nationalism will destroy economies and remove jobs. Well, that is a short term view, a fear argument, as they name it probably in a sense of still-non-conscious self derision.

In fact, any company making money through selling products in a country would lose by not complying to the national rules. Most production delocalized were not required, it was designed to weaken the white civilization. So, yes, nationalism would bring back jobs, a lot of jobs. Actually, deporting massively all Muslims, blacks, indians, latino who do not contribute to our civilisation would rather make full employment society, homegeneous, strong and clean. It would also be healthy from an environmental perspective, leftist Ecolo shall agree with that. Should you still have doubts, watch Donald Trump bringing back jobs.

Last, alt right is against privileges and therefore against socialism and communism. It rejects its oppressive and unfair components.

Removing welfare state would harm many white citizens at first, but would target mostly the Arabic, Latino, and black communities. They would suffer so much from it that they would become violent undoubtedly.

So, that’s true, you can fear the alt right and the far right. These leftists and the kikes created this unstable situation…and that has to be fixed somehow.

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