The true tragedy behind the #ManchesterAttack

What I came to realize during these last attacks is that absolutely no-one was surprised by it. For sure none on the side of the AltRight/AltWhite/AltWest/AltLight spectrum, but neither were the cucks nor the left. I was not even surprised that the left was not surprised. And that is the tragedy.


Terrorists attacks have been widely accepted as the new reality, even by our degenerated lefties. The french prime minister told his people to live with it, and so did a British news anchor. And this is where the left stands now: living at war is normal. We create solidarity through destruction instead of creation.

At this point, it is pretty clear: the lines are drawn. Pretty much everyone has his/her ideology and now sticks with it; there is little convincing left to do.

There is a small battle now for the AltLight. The momentum towards critical thinking and finding a solution instead of common ground might bring some to the true AltRight. You can turn the problem the way you want but the solution remains the same: a racially/ethnically homogeneous society with strong borders. In order terms, let’s make Europe and USA like Israel, and that will be perfect. Sadly, factually or hopefully, only the AltRight has an answer, where the altLight is just the new form of centrism.

And concerning the left, going from a defense stand to an offense stand is becoming a must (except for physical aggression). Any actions from shitposting to actual cyber attacks will dismantle their institution and demoralize them. Every white man embracing his identity has to shame the left for who they are. Stand up, speak your mind, go on the offense. Being labelled “racist” or “white supremacist” has absolutely no meaning after being ripped apart by a bomb.

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