The weird line between Alt-Lite and Alt-Right.

The Alt-Right and the Alt-Lite have been fighting side to side for a while. The two movements have not been facing each others except for a few skirmishes. But Hillary Clinton (who popularized the name “Alt-Right”) probably included many people who do identify with the movement. Many figures among this umbrella are more identified with the Alt-Lite: Mike Cernovich, Lauren Southern, Gavin McInnes, Milo… While the most notable figures of the Alt-Right are: VoxDay, Jared Taylor, Chateau Heartiste, Andrew Anglin…

So what is the difference between the Alt-Lite and the Alt-Right?


Voxday is probably one of the pioneer and established the 16 points of the Alt-Right. This is a good start to draw a line between the 2 movements. Both movement are fed up with the failures of modern day conservatism. They push their arguments based on empirical evidences and logic. And they prefer using good rethorics based in truth rather than try to debate their political opponents through dialectic. And that’s pretty much it for what is in common. Alt-Right and Alt-Lite agree on points 1,2,3,4,7,(10),12,15 and 16.

Where the disagreement lies is up until where the reasoning is pushed. Like Point 9: identity > culture > politics. The Alt-Lite believes that some culture are not compatible and that Culture is some sort of “social construct”. The Alt-Right doesn’t believe that. Culture is a by-product of our identity. And our identity is dictated by who we are: the influence of our community, the education of our parents but foremost our genetics. Which brings the next point that differentiate Alt-Lite and Alt-Right: Point 11: DIVERSITY + PROXIMITY = WAR. Always. The Alt-Lite believes that if people from other races or culture recognize the greatness of Western Civilization, then they may live within this civilization. The Alt-Right believes that if someone admires Western Civilization, he is free to copy it in his own country. He is welcome as a tourist. But no foreigners can be granted the right of citizenship (just like in Japan). Therefore mass deportation are currently the only solution (in order to not conflict point 11 and point 16 which promotes peaceful solution as much as possible).

Point 5 and point 15 are also essential points of the Alt-Right. The Alt-Lite will not look into the status nor the privileges of certain races or ethnicities. While the Alt-Right will treat absolutely everyone equally. In a way, the Alt-Lite believes there is still some form of political correctness.

The Alt-Lite will talk about population replacement through immigration and religion. But they will not talk about population replacement through race-mixing. Race-mixing doesn’t seems to be a problem for the Alt-Lite. While the Alt-Right believes in Point 14: we must secure the existence of white people and a future for white children. Alternatively, The Alt-Right wants to protect all races in their sovereign nations. But right now and for the foreseeable future, only whites are about to be extinct.

To resume the Alt-Right believes that Europe and North America (and a few other places) belongs to White people ONLY. And only indigenous people get to choose the destiny of their own nations. Therefore white genes, white culture and white interests have to be promoted in politics and in popular cultures. No matter how politically incorrect it may sound. No matter the solution. Just hoping it can be as peaceful as it can get.

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