The illusion of choice

Thinking about my life and the lives of others, I keep wondering if everything is determined. If everything has a sense and if choice really exists or rather is an illusion.

Genetically and physically everything is programmed and led by mathematical laws. Some of the latest research in physics would indicate we are programs living in a matrix. The creation order would then already have decided of everything, we’d barely be executed, prisoners of ourselves. Why would you thrive if in the end all is already programmed? Well, it is not so easy.

At an individual level, the complexity of the world is barely sizable. We merely distinguish basic light and sound spectrum, basic pressures and have very limited view of our environment. Nonetheless, these parameters are already sufficient to provoke confusion and make us feel in control.

Arbitration is based on criteria which are gathered and analyzed by our biology. Our body, our mind is made of cells, and messages transmitted thanks to a few molecules, which are hard coded in our DNA. Our emotions, the control we have on them is very limited, and even our conscious is barely a combination of our past and our biology.

Hence, do we really have a choice? Are we in control? Actually, we are not, we can only place ourselves at the right time at the right place to maximize our deterministic behavior. At an individual level and over a relatively long period of time, we have a purposeful choice. At micro-level, the smallest biological variation defines our immediate responses.

You go to the shop and wanna buy some strawberries. On the way, this beautiful  girl proposes you to buy raspberries. Depending on your biological answer, your decision may be influenced, and you may choose the raspberries. Did you choose the raspberries? No, you did not. Yet, if you would select a path where there wont be anyone selling anything else, you made the choice to insure not following your biology, but rather your will.

The illusion of choice is applicable in a specific environment at a specific moment. Hopefully, the immensity of the universe enables us grasping free arbitration through the selection of our environment.

Practical consequence over your life?

Analyze people and some key patterns: emotional reactions, behaviors, brain speed, heart beat, skin tone, speed, voice, sexual response, etc. Depending on these traits you can adapt their environment to lead them to a become better persons, or to control them. The rest is a question of morality.

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