All feminism is cancer

Removing (or trying to) feminism from a woman – even the most intelligent one – is harder than removing the next shot of heroin from the biggest drug addict on earth. People in the right wing usually agree that feminism is cancer.

Feminism has been chopped down in multiple waves: 1st, 2nd and 3rd. But in reality, there is only one form of feminism: give credits to women’ desire, and execute them.

The first wave gave birth to the second etc. Feminism is CANCER in all of its forms. The cure against feminism cannot be found without looking at the very root cause it.


The very first cell seems innocent, but it is the start of a disease. Feminism is CANCER.


Take for example: voting rights for women – “1st wave feminism issue”. Back then, even some women were against women’s suffrage. So it is a feminist issue, not a women issue.  Politics is not something to be taken lightly. Since the dawn of civilization, politics is what decide the survival of a tribe or a nation. The people who are taking decisions – therefore – must take responsibilities for their actions. They go to war if needed, they pay for expenditures, they are punished for their mistakes. When women got to vote they took the benefits and the privileges of voting without taking the burden. They did not want to assume any responsibility and they still don’t. This was the very first symptom of feminism.

I want to play with fire, but don’t blame me if the house gets burned down.

Women still do not go to war, they don’t do dangerous job, they rarely do productive jobs, they pay fewer taxes but get more benefits. And how do they vote? Overwhelmingly for the left. More immigration, more gun control, more spending (for women), more privileges, more divorce, more sexual rights… Without counting the false claim for rape, now a fashion. Soon, should you disagree with your wife and she will send you to jail for rape.

If any woman really care about those civilization issues, then she should be against women voting. Men with enough testosterone, IQ and moral standards always vote for the right (extreme conservatism). Women want to vote but they don’t know why. Just like a baby stick to his toys even if he doesn’t plays with it. Once you have given something to them, taking it back is not going to happen without a crisis. But this will be done one way or another.

And if white men don’t do it, someone else will do it instead.

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