Why women are so annoying

I had a simple story from a friend. He explained me how his girlfriend is misbehaving with him. What’s happening?

He told me:

We just go for shopping as usual… And as usual, despite the fact that she promised, she makes crisis. She wants the most expensive, with zero arguments. She complains when i say no, and she tells me i am crazy. She insults me for not buying things we don’t need at home.

Interesting, and common story.

The game tells us that a woman who loves, also respects. But i would think of the opposite.

Experts in game like Vox or Chateau would simply argue this man is not an alpha, and so she has no respect for him. But that’s too easy, because even alpha have problems with their women. Any proof? Let’s take the example of Brad Pit. She divorced, said that she didn’t feel any bond with her blond kid, and finally turned him/her into a trans-sexual. What an achievement for an alpha!

Therefore, my reasoning goes a bit beyond this. His girlfriend told him something very particular:

Excuse me. Every time is the same. I try to control myself. I just don’t understand why, but every time you tell me something, I fee like I have to protect myself. I feel like I have to attack, and say or do whatever to win.

That is very interesting. Very. Why?

Everywhere I look, I see more or less the same pattern: women, Arabs, blacks, gays have the same kind of attitude. They behave as if everything was free for them, as if the world owed them everything and as if anything a white man says is an aggression.

The word she used is “protect”. She talks about being oppressed – while she is not. Her message is “whatever you do is an oppression”.

Our women have been programmed, just like us. The perspective they were given to the world is Marxist: oppressors vs oppressed. Winners vs losers. And who wants to be the one oppressed, the one losing? No one.

On one hand, women are programmed to believe that white men are oppressors, and that they will always do the worse to them and to the world. Therefore, they do not have any reason to respect us. We are bad people, pussies. We are oppressors, but we can’t even hold in front of a woman. Grow balls, be the oppressor you pretend to be – her unconscious murmurs.

On the other hand, the white men have been programmed to feel guilty. They feel like they are “white knights” who must give to others, starting with women: paying drinks, paying restaurant, shutting up, putting her choices before his, etc. Everything in a white man’s head tends to give, and not to receive.

So, my answer is simple. The “oppressor – oppressed” meta-programme running our sub-conscious is stronger than we think, and it overrules our true personality and nature.

In this scheme, unfortunately a woman can’t love long her husband. She can’t love a man she doesn’t respect. And she can’t respect a man when she has been brain washed. Add all of this on top of their selfish and childish nature, and you got what we see: a total disaster.

Let's talk about sex

The Kinsey report released in 1940 was a preamble to modern fornication. Starting from insects, Alfred Kinsey drew the conclusion that all individuals are primarily sexual. To support his enlightening conclusions, he assessed babies, sexually deprived women, mentally sick individuals, and criminals. In a nutshell, he biased his statistical sample to reach his pre-determined conclusions. He was trying to make a shortcut between “a sexual liberated society” and civilization. Nothing could be more hypocritical. In fact, the real and central question to all of this is not the pleasure given during sex, but rather the importance of sexual restriction – as discussed in the article about chastity.

White people (especially Christians and Alt-Right) do not support rape. They have never endorsed “sexual freedom”. Rather, they believe in intimacy: sex should be monogamous and restricted to the marital life from a social perspective. This is the only way to maintain a balanced, happy society. As such, the abundance of research on sexual behavior cannot be endorsed (porn, pedophilia, homosexuality, adultery, gang rape, etc.). Is it really worth researching if children experience pleasure while they are sexually abused?

Morality and feelings are two very distinct concepts, and one can’t build a civilization on the basis of instant gratification solely. We cannot accept asking ourselves questions that make us act like beasts. Not everything has to be put in question. Sexual depravity destroys families and jeopardizes individual energy. Sexual restriction is required to build a civilization (or a nation), to raise children and to defend its people.

This is also where the line is drawn between “We the Christians” and the Muslim world. When these instinctive low IQ males try to justify what is good (morality) based on their own feelings and religion, this CANNOT BE TOLERATED. This cannot be negotiated. Their behavior is not much more than animals behavior. Jews got it right: “what makes a man is his ability to restrict his animal instincts”. On this point, I totally agree with them, and I encourage them to fight cultural marxism instead of pushing for it.

The problem with Alt-Right alpha males

The PUA (pickup artists) community is one of the  gate of the alt-right. Probably because most bloggers, such as The chateau, VoxDay and others treat alt-right issues such as race and women. A few years ago, I was introduced to the PUA community. I read the book “The game” from Neil Strauss and started my journey. From events to events, clubs to clubs, my focus was on opening and talking to many women. My personal goal was not to sleep with the highest number of women, but it would be lying to say that what I did was right.


Hence, let’s face it, I was just a hypocrite to myself. Unfortunately I was following the mainstream agenda whilst thinking I was red pill. I thought I understood women and I thought I found a solution to my issues and society issues. I couldn’t be more wrong.

The principle of pump and dump ,”relationship free life” are prints of Cultural Marxism. While thinking I was alt-right, anti-Islam, both of feets were in the leftist agenda. Having many girls is surely fun, but it is foremost a contribution to the destruction of Western Civilization. Indeed, both men and women suffer greatly from these short term adventures. Women lose their femininity and their aptitude to love, while guys lose the love for women, seeing them as toys and trophies. Not counting the invested time with fake friends. Love, family become old fashioned child dreams; it is not just by chance that most PUA’s remain single and do not make children, nor have a stable family. In addition, through repetitive pain, women accept the myth that all white men are useless bastards, that family is not needed, and finally they become bitchier and bitchier. Ask yourself: how good is it to be altRight, conservative, but to play the cultural Marxist agenda? Look at these pictures, and tell me exactly how we will protect the western civilization from its replacement?


Second, the PUA’s community tells you – at subconscious level – that you are not good enough to get a good and hot women. It tells you about the myth of the alpha male. For instance, Chateau explains how alpha males get a woman to cook, do everything for them, never complain and simply succumb to his authority; forgetting her bitching nature. Beautiful. Yet, I haven’t met one self made man like that in a long – term relationship that I would describe as a model for society – EVER (that includes ZFG Alpha males who can get basically any girl). It means that reality is not as they describe it. In real life, all of us are products of 1) our biology (beauty, intelligence, emotions, etc.) and 2) the environment in which we grew and now live. So, we have little to no control over our real SMV (sexual market value), but also on our instinctive behaviors. Sure, we can increase the likelihood of meeting a good mate, and fine tune ourselves, but that’s barely it. And to do this, you don’t need to be a PUA.

So, what is an alpha for women? It is no rocket science, and all men and women know if a man can or not have sexual success. It is simply a fun guy who fits the mainstream standards. In 1940, it was the SS officer, yesterday, it was the quarterback, and today it is a Latino or an Arab. Standards just reflect what women see through Facebook, TV, music clip. Therefore, you won’t become these if you are not born like that – it is that simple. Besides, is that what a man is: adapt yourself to women’s will, have no confidence in who you are and keep trying to change? Let’s be honest, 99.9% of white males who are no “alpha” according to society standards and won’t be. It is like that.

So, the problem with the so called altRight gamer alpha males is that they make them build an illusion about themselves, their environment and the world. Their friends are superficials. Their girls are no wife. And time spent never comes back. Being a gamer is not constructive. It doesn’t make you any better at all. It barely shows you what you can already do. You are not proving anything but that you lack self confidence, moral values and determination in life.

So, what do we recommend? Be yourself and focus on what you can do. Do not focus your life on women and do not evaluate your value using the women you are with. It doesn’t matter if you have many women or not because in the end you only need one. Drink less, party less, and work more. Spend time on doing what you want, or figuring it out. And concerning women, just be a man; stand for your ideas, for your tribe and make yourself respected. You do not have to use any tricks to get a good girl, nor to lie to her and even less to change your ideas. Just be yourself and believe in what you believe. Society needs good men who build and defend moral principles as well as they build a stable family. Don’t even aim to be a father, aim to be a Grand father, because your job ends when you have grand children, meaning that you properly raised your own children. Remember that if all white males stand up against the old system, women will align and come back to us, without any game. And PUA’s will just become social rejects.

The alpha myth

Are you an alpha male? Do you think you are worth enough to be part of the myth?

Having been introduced to the PUA community, I had time to notice the adulation of this community for the myth of the alpha male. Just like Christians believe in god, they believe in their own divinity: the Alpha male, the man every women want.

Yet this myth is profoundly unhealthy for anyone out there. Sure it enables Neil Strauss, Roosh, RSD and other groups to make a living, but beyond this I would like to point out the truth and the lies in the so called “game”: To reduce manhood to the modern cultural Marxism definition. These superficial concepts are dangerous for both people and society.

Entering the PUA’s community is more or less thinking that you are some kind of loser who needs a guru to get a good woman. It is to assume that you can change your entire personality and become a Casanova. It is to assume that the problem is YOU. This couldn’t be further than the truth. What would a woman thinks of you if she knew that you need to become better to get her?

You can certainly evolve a bit, learn some tricks, but not much more. Your brain is hard wired after 25 years old and there is no way you can acquire significant behavioral changes. Before starting to think you are a piece of garbage, get some self confidence and do something with your life. Undertaking a life project is much more important than picking up girls in mass. PUAs are just another establishment’s concept of cultural Marxism which is meant to destroy the last remains of masculinity in European societies. By hanging out in clubs looking for the next bimbo you  are actually both destroying yourself and women. Think about it: is it really worth going out? drinking? Partying and getting laid? Do you think this is your man purpose? Or it rather is remains of some reptilian, primitive and uncivilized instinct?

The truth is that “the person who you are” is already enough. Women have 2 purpose: make / raise babies and support civilization. Chastity of women and preservation of  female duty are necessary not only to maintain a healthy society but also assuring the evolution of the latter. Of course don’t be a full out beta male: Don’t flatter women relentlessly and try to demonstrate your social skills, or show the last Neil Strauss magic trick: be a Man. Stands for what a man stands: identity, family, Western values, society, religion… Be a builder, a protector. Be sharp, be smart, be strong and more importantly put those who mess around back to where they belong (starting from PUAs).

In modern society an alpha is just a myth. Women actually tend to do what they are told to do. If it is to fuck latino’s, and get horny on Enrique, they will. Society tells them blacks are fun and honest people, they will believe it no matter what. And it has nothing to do with you. So your only purpose is to be a reference, to lead by example, to be strong enough to shake  and wake those girls up. All else doesn’t matter.

Some women are fucked up and you cant do nothing about it. Your mission is to find a good young healthy one, make children with her and become a good grand father. Protect her, raise your kids, and stop trying to pick up girls massively. Once you know what you want and what you need, just go and take it. The rest will just get you lost into delusions.

Social status (part 3): Alpha, Beta… not the question

Alpha, Beta… Gamma males… does it explain everything? Why is this gamma getting a hot chick? Why are these Spaniards getting all the chicks in the bars without doing anything? Why that ugly Arabic without any style, intelligence nor game gets the hot chick?


Something like that story:

There is that girl that you like and that you know for 2 years. You game her, and you do have a good game. You do sport, you behave like an real man but no matter what you can’t get her.

You get girls attention, but somehow, they leave you alone. Either you bang some destroyed white girls, either you stay alone – but the relationship is out of sight.

You want to know her before banging her, because you know what happens when you bang a girl. So, you go for a coffee. You go to a nice place to be comfortable. You want her to be at her ease. You game light, you show respect. The mother of your kids shall be that simple traditional girl.

Yet, nothing works, absolutely nothing! Despite your 10/10 confidence, your good shape and the look of all the other girls, it doesn’t work! She tells you that you are kind of perfect but that she doesn’t feel “the thing”. But what thing is she talking about?

Sometimes, she may have already kissed you many times during parties, but she will refuse to talk to you or date you – even though she likes you.

The game says it straight: you can’t bang a girl without physical touch and intimacy. Yeah, that’s kind of right, but not enough. The game fails explaining why. It says it is natural…  not exactly.

Actually, it is due to the conditioning done by the environment – it is epigenetics. Attraction is conditioned by r and K selection. In an r-selected world you can’t get the simplest girl in the world if you do not follow the r rules. You can come in a Ferrari, throw money at her, know all the people in the restaurant, be the best man ever, be a millionaire, be the hottest man on earth: she will not get wet!

Girls are technically results attracted, yes true. They are attracted by what all other wants, true. But foremost they are emotional and conditioned creatures. They confuse their emotions and for them, being in a bar drunk and grabbed by the pussy – thanks Donald – is actually connected to falling in love.

For their entire life, women have been educated for one thing. One and only one thing: r-selection. All the movies, all the music, all the advertisements constructed in their brain a specific connection towards sex and couple. Our brain only works with connections. This is how we think, how we feel. Epigenetics only emphases these concepts. I compile here a list of concept that describes the connections in the brain of women in our Western society:

Connected to sex Connected to relationship (rejection) Connected to omega male (rejection)
Travel Good restaurant Religion
South Romance Conservatism
Spain Manners Traditional
Italy Politeness Marriage
Greece Activity Relationship
Turkey Manhood Shaved
Arab Respect Classical
Black White Right wing
Exotic Classic Sober
Holidays Coffee Clever – nerd
Fun Wine place Glasses
Love Work White
Passion Malls Distance
Girl fears Shopping
Girl worries Money
Rape Boredom
Violence Trust
Adventure Serious
Alcohol Interesting
Beach Ugliness
Sun Depression
Swimming pool Distance
Sexy clothes Flower
Beauty Gift
Sun glasses Attention
Tanned Politeness
Money (in party)

Since their young age, men and women are exposed to the cultural Marxist propaganda. All of these transport the idea of sex in the context of parties, alcohol, sun, travel, Latin music, etc. All the concepts of the table above are connected to sex in their brain. And sex biologically means couple. If you are anything close to this table, your sexual values skyrockets. The most connected concept to love is actually the skin color and the origin: southern man dark tanned with beard (i.e. Spanish, Italians, Turkish, Moroccans, etc.).

So that girl has been conditioned like any other animal, like any other biological intelligence can be conditioned. A dog can be conditioned to produce saliva  just by hearing a sound. A woman can get wet hearing Latin music or seeing an Arab beard. She doesn’t choose it, she is a victim. And she can’t understand this, because her biology prevents her from being able to rationalize that much, step back and understand what leads her instinct to mistakes. Repetition and epigenetics are the keys to conditioning.

You can’t, and you will not seduce the woman you like without exploiting these connections. She won’t love you before sleeping.

When you understand this, you know that the game works, but you also know that the game is part of this decadence. You know that any women that you game sexually will sleep with you, and fall in love. But you also know that the moment you will behave like a K selected (relationship, traditional man), she will start hating you. She will drive away from you. The moment you will leave her alone with friends in parties getting drunk, going on holidays to the beach, to the sun, she will fall. When you are out of sights, her emotions take over her rationality. Sadly, you can’t fight it. You can try to control her, but she will tell you that it is her freedom. She believes her freedom is to do what she has been conditioned to do. Freedom doesn’t exist unless you are conscious of the truth. Going to a sunny destination is not freedom, it is what you are told to do. Drinking and having sex with strangers is not freedom, it is what you are told to do. Dating a Latin man, an Arab man is not freedom, it is what you are told to do. Accepting migrants is not freedom, it is not an opinion, it is what you are told to do.

Look at what women keep seeing everywhere all the time. How you want them to be attracted – or to allow themselves to be attracted – by you?

Social Status (part 2): Why cucks get hot chicks

Ever wondered why these Spaniards, Blacks, Latino’s, Arabs get any tier 1 white chicks without any alpha male characteristics?


Well, for men, social status (or social proof) is a determining factor for success in modern society. It is a factor that became more and more prevalent in the last two or three decades. Not only it is a determining factor for succeeding in society, but it  dictates your “sexual market value” for finding a more attractive and higher quality woman. Not to trash the socio-sexual hierarchy, the social status is far more important than what usually people think. The importance of the social status will be covered in an other article (part 3).
Social status is a factor that will help to determine your position into society. Somehow it has always existed. Sometimes obvious (especially in the past), sometimes obscure and too often unspoken of, the social status has no particular science but the fashion it corresponds to.




In the past, it was almost entirely dictated by wealth, the family and the type of job a man would have. Trophies or medals were proudly worn. Titles were given: Dukes, Lords, Barons, Marquess, Counts, Knights, Gentlemen… All of these aspects gave a man higher value in the eyes of everyone. And rightfully so, medals, trophies and titles were hard to get and only the smartest, the bravest and strongest could obtain it.


Another aspect was the job. While knights and Dukes were jobs as well, it was reserved for a tiny fraction of the population. People then gave more value to jobs that required more special abilities and were essential to society (for example a black-smith). During the industrial revolution, engineers were highly regarded. As productivity was booming, so was their wealth and recognition.

These rules were true for our old societies, were people were roughly united under a common culture and a common racial background. But today it is no longer the case. The media industrial complex,  the fashion industrial complex  and the Hollywood industrial complex obtained a cleric position in a secular society. Competence is no longer the prime criteria for most of employers. Commercials have a role of propaganda. And succeeding in life is no longer exclusively entitled to making better life decisions, being smarter or a better man. It is what people see repeatedly that will determine their prejudice. Most people can’t help but fearing of being labelled “racist”, “xenophobic” or “islamophobic”… hence the “people of color” have a clear advantage over white people.

As mentioned before, white people have been taken off fashion commercial already. And if there is one, it will be a black haired Spanish looking men or at most a low sexual value white male. Men with brown, blond or red hair are almost non-existent while making the vast majority of the northern European population. International music is overwhelmingly sang by Blacks, Arabs and Latinos. And it is played in every single night club, bars and pubs all over Europe. Girls gets horny at the sound of Enrique. The black music triggers what they are programmed for: hookup. They can’t help it; like zombies brainwashed their behavior switches to the sheep being brought to the slaughter.

And what does all of this do? It makes you think that Blacks are better musicians, it makes you think that arabs or indians are better employees or engineers, it makes you think that Spanish is the most beautiful language. If all of this had any accuracy then history should have followed. Blacks would have had a 18th century compositors we still listen today. Arabs would have sent a man on the moon. Our grand-parents would listen to Spanish songs as well. But no.


All of this did not happened. Because social status is no longer dictated by a rational view of the world (at least in the West). It is dictated by TVs, news-outlet, commercials through positive and negative emotions. Today, the social status is a pure illusion, the mirage in the middle of the desert.

The current criteria for social status:

  • Skin color: In the past, being different than white (in Europe) was a clear negative sign. It is now an asset. Colored people have much higher chance of succeeding in life without necessary having talent, commitment or hard work. These people have all kinds of tools (Anti-racist organization, laws …) on their side that white do not have. Their families, culture or community is still alive and healthy as they are not under constant fire from the media, fashion industry or Hollywood. They are constantly promoted and labeled “beautiful”, “generous”, “handsome”… while being the exact opposite.
  • Jobs: Today people sucking money of the current crony-capitalist system are portrait as heroes: Doctors, Lawyers, politicians, lobbyist, government employees… They don’t work much and make tons of money. Old noble jobs like engineers, scientist or military… are completely disregarded while being the most essential jobs for a healthy society.
  • Looks: If you ever wonder how a gamma got laid, here is your answer. He tried to look like the fashion boy you see on posters. Looks have always been part of social status. But today mainstream looks are far from being manly looks.men-what-the-hell-happened
  • Language, cultural background, nationality: This mostly depends on connotations, and where the media or the fashion industry puts its focus. In the past, indigenous people had a higher status than foreigners as a foreigners was less likely to succeed in society (language, cultural and environmental barrier). Today, being Spanish means sun, sea, sexy language (language constantly played on the radio)…, being Australian is sun and Sea, therefore and Australian has a higher status than a Scottish (while having extremely similar looks)

And here it goes… You are white, quiet handsome, hard working man with values and wonder why you could never have a date with even a tier 3 woman. Why didn’t you get a position that you suited perfectly in your company? Haven’t you met, even once in you life time, an incompetent Black or Arab that nobody dares to fire because…”racism”?  Your ugly kebab maker at the corner of your street is getting laid a lot more than you are (and it is not only about the game)… You now have your answer. Open your eyes, look around you. Who is portrait as the villain in modern culture? Who is represented as the “good guy”?

Social status makes people, especially women, believe in an illusion.It is a situation leftists have introduced in order to push their agenda for multiculturalism, their dream of egalitarian society and the inhalation of their prime enemy: The white man. If today’s leftists dreams were true, we would not be standing right here facing the collapse of European civilization: it would have never existed.

Feminism, that big lie

Everydayfeminism, what a bunch of bullshit! At least they make my day laughing. They just confirm everything that I could learn or read about feminism, gamma males and women. From Otto W. early 20th or Pierre-Joseph Proudhon in the 19th, authors reached the same conclusion: destroy masculinity and release women and you will get chaos.

Afficher l'image d'origine

Shameless Everydayfeminism releases an article against masculinity and patriarchy once in a while. In November 2016, they wrote the “7 Reasons Why Patriarchy Is Bad (And Feminism Is Good) For Men”. On 8th January 2017, they are back on track with the same shit “Men, Wake Up: 3 Types of Toxic Masculinity to Leave Behind in 2017”. Let’s analyse some of the quotes and re-frame them:

A big part of feminism is understanding how one’s actions and beliefs affect others, which patriarchal masculinity systematically avoids by upholding a more individualistic and man-versus-world mentality.

Yes, exactly feminism is about understanding how we affect each others, in exception how feminism affects others! Feminists do not care much for culture or others feeling per se. Actually, generally speaking, unless they had a good father, a good masculine model in their life, it is unlikely that women will care for anything else but themselves – their emotions, how they feel. Pick up a fight with your wife or your gf and tell me who always believes to be right in ANY circumstances and who gets to apologize for nothing.

Men do care for others feeling; they actually put other’s feelings and lives before themselves. That is called duty, dedication, discipline, focus, action, perseverance, strength, patience, emotional restrain.

Feminists are much more interested in creating a space that feels safe and comfortable for as many people as possible.

I will refer to this:

I am sorry, that is a lie. But feminists do not care about lying.

What many feminists would rather see is men working alongside them to break down those barriers and norms and embrace a life of self-actualization that is free of baseless categorizations and judgments.

In other words, what a man does doesn’t influence the perspective of a woman. Yet, watch women at a concert, at work, or in front of famous/political figure. They suddenly arose they panties… Women are attracted by taller men, richer men, more powerful men (physically and socially). It is a fact, and breaking this provides you with… gamma males. Remember, women are result attracted, but process oriented.

Feminism is out to protect everyone from the terrifying outcomes of rape and rape culture by making sure it can not only be talked about more openly, but it can also be more openly disavowed and dismantled.

How many feminist protestation against Islam, massive African immigration to Europe and their rape culture? Women do not care about rape culture, because it doesn’t exist where feminism is. Rape is disgusting, and this is not part of European culture, deal with it.

But feminism is also important for men to achieve a level of radical self-love that patriarchy doesn’t allow in any way.

According to feminists, destroying masculinity of a man enables him to love himself. Well, that’s pretty sick to say. You can only love yourself when you embrace your identity, which is: sex – color – race – culture – family – religion – social status. Cultural Marxism you say?

Afficher l'image d'origine

Guys, let’s be serious. Feminism is about sexual liberation. It is about earning money to be able to divorce – sic the stereotype of the independent woman. It is  about liberating your hypergamic sexuality to its paroxysm, removing all safeguards from society and obtaining privileges to support it. Objectifying men, removing their masculinity and their right to be men. Men and women are made to be together and make a family, that’s called biology.

We love women as women, and men as men. Women deserve respect, and you can only respect them truly if you accept their nature. Patriarchy is the legitimate system because it275742f5cb8480e237e8d5ad370a492f97a6fc0038116ad05078b02b3a39183e_1 promotes masculine values which are necessary to build, maintain and defend a culture, starting from its family.

Gamma males are the problem

I have been thinking a lot about the socio-sexual hierarchy and its impact on society. Over time I could not help but start despising gamma males. The lack of clear literature, and the importance of their role in today society made me think about digging more into the subject. The three typical gamma males:

gamma scale 3.png

There is no unique gamma male, just like there is no unique alpha male. Normally, in a healthy society, gamma males are simply disqualified by other males, and hence rejected by women. But who are they?

Gamma males typically represent the opposite of an alpha male. They certainly have alpha qualities, but they lack the self-confidence, direction, structure and identity that an alpha  male has. They think they are bosses on the right track, but they are not. Therefore, the way they communicate, manage relationships, and handle stress is extremely different.

The following type of gamma males can be identified:

  • The useful idiot: this gamma is a typical SJW in lack of identity, but who wants to take a lead in defending cultural Marxism. He makes a point by virtue signaling at defending multiculturalism, feminism, etc. Despite his attempt of defending women’s right, he is a total sexual reject – women would rather commit suicide rather than having babies with them. By being a useful idiot, he goes where the wind goes and believes that it should bring him all the chicks and success. His masculinity is the weakest of all males. He will either hate either gratify women, but at no time he can grasp their nature.
  • The opportunist: he has money, he has a very good position in a company and uses it to promote shit values. Like any gamma, he does not accept any argument and simply gets frustrated. He can’t argue and uses violence to win an argument. He will try to break your will, attack you personally, censor you, humiliate you, etc. This category also encompasses the colleagues which seem to be cool, but stab you in te back at every opportunity. They want to teach you how to respect women, they want to lead, … but it is a total failure! Their lack of identity makes them poor leaders – they do not inspire. They are extremely irritable; especially when they drink. They bully constantly other males to try to look like an alpha male, and seek attention. This gamma is the most dangerous because he is a pure hypocrite, and usually knows what he does. Usually, they can pick up women, but have sexual problems in relationships. Since they don’t understand why, they become frustrated and start annoying their woman until she leaves them or simply cheats on them.
  • The outsider: he is part of some kind of trend like hipster, or whatever. Most Arabic men are part of this category. They surf on the “status wave” like having a beard, skin color, interracial propaganda, etc. Since women usually go where the wind blows – the trend – they usually confuse them with alpha/sigma males. They recognize in them the masculine model spread by the media. But don’t be mistaken, everything is about appearance. Deep inside, their status is everything they have, and if you remove this, they are simple gamma. They are very emotional and think like women. For example, hipster look abrupt but spent more time to look manly than women do to look feminine – being rough and looking rough is not the same thing!

Unfortunately, today society sets trends towards gamma males. Whether you are a total useful idiots, some kind of protected minority or an opportunist, the society protects you. When you speak the truth, society rejects you – that’s the goal of cultural Marxism, after all. Most power positions are in the hands of gamma males. Example? Take most of politicians, civil servants, directors, etc. The problem is that these people use the power for themselves or to serve other people as sick as them. This results in a loss of values and a feminization of the society. Indeed, true alpha males would stop women, put limits, set direction, inspire, lead… look at Trump.

Next time you see some gamma, just remember that they are sick people who should not be tolerated. Your biggest weapons against them are their own weapons: social rejection and humiliation. What makes them strong is the power in place, the trend and their weak followers. Break this and you will break them.

Hypergamy, path to loneliness

For centuries, women have married men of higher status to ensure security. Partly due to their nature, partly due to the society. Was that good or bad?


Hypergamy refers to the fact of seeking for a better match. Naturally women need security. Hence they look for the strongest, fittest, most socially recognized man. It  does not matters if the man has principles, morality or whatever. What matters is his material, physical and social value.

Per se, it is not bad – just natural. In society, other men are in charge of taking care of outsiders, leaving them aside. It is only when men lose their grasp that women take the opportunity to free their pussy. Overall, a controlled hypergamy within a healthy manhood results in a virtuous circle of improvements and therefore selecting the best genes.

Today, women have been set free. The old traditional family selecting men on their intrinsic value, through a validation from the father has been replaced by an instinctive, emotional and purely sexually driven choice making. Before, a woman who would date multiple men would be ashamed, today virgins are humiliated and excluded.

Setting pussy free without any responsibility on their shoulders, without a father, leads them in a world of emotion, satisfaction and desires. The socio-sexual market, at its most primitive form appears, but without any sense of morality. A jungle.

Yet, their liberty, given at 16 years, is fading away at 30. Their body can’t procreate anymore, men are not attracted by them. Their sexual market shrinks, while no one is there to ensure their future. They hit the wall, and it pains. Their face got rusty by the number of one night stands, their veins likely full of STDs, their vagina atrophying, their eyes empty of meaning, they now walk through the life alone.

Hypergamy is not a path to heaven, it is a path to self destruction.

Women: make kids, take care of them, respect your men and make a family. Be happy, be healthy, be a woman, be a mother.

Women's right and men deserts

Men deserts. This is how UK names these areas without fathers for their children. Multiple newspapers (even leftists!) now refer to this “men desert”: guardian, dailymail.co.uk, avoiceformen, citylab, etc.

Accurately, there is a high correlation between the absence of men and the skin color – white men seem to be the problem. From being a sexist, racist, misogynist – he can also be an asshole leaving his kid alone. Never in history, white men behaved that way. That simply can’t be true. Social construct you say? Would gender “equality” be responsible? Would actually white women choose deliberately to reject their white male, being driven by a constant anti-white male propaganda? Well, at least Noel Ignatiev, jew professor at Massachusetts College, states it: white men are good for nothing and must die.

It is now an evidence that the modern western society is a failure. Indeed, as Putin said, a society without families is doomed. Without children, there is no one to carry it on, and it dies. But let’s talk about facts.

Eurostat publishes the amount of families with a single parent and the conclusion is without appeal: men are being thrown out of the family structure!

File:CH02M02 PF15.png

Surprising for Eurostat but actually not for me. It seems that the worse countries to be a white man are France, Northern countries, Belgium, UK, Romania and the Baltics. These are also the places were women are the most “sexually free” and where traditions have been replaced. Also take into consideration the 15% of Muslims presents with homogeneous family structure, and you quickly imagine how the reality is worse than these numbers.

Strangely, religious countries have better families; like Poland or Greece. What else could be normal? After all, religion is based on unity of society, unity of families and unity of faith under god. Religion is the only vector that can transmit and sustain moral values.

The lowest divorce rates in the EU are often recorded in those Member States where adherence to religious (Catholic and Orthodox) and traditional family values form the foundations for many families.

The other conclusion from Eurostat is the highest proportion in capitals, starting with Brussels, London, etc. And yes from having lived there, I can tell you that reality is worse than these numbers. Women do no look for men unless when they can take advantage of them – maybe just for sex.

Each of the EU’s capital cities was also characterised by a relatively high proportion of lone mother families (single mothers who live with at least one child). This was particularly true in Arrondissement de Bruxelles-Capitale / Arrondissement van Brussel-Hoofdstad, Berlin, Groot-Amsterdam and Inner London, where the share of lone mother families in the total number of families was at least 5 percentage points higher than the national average.”

How to build a family where women have that behavior? How such women could raise their children in the respect of men, and in the respect of families? No they can’t! Add on top of that a proportion of 40% of Muslims with united families, and you quickly understand that more than 2/3 of white children in big cities… now do not have a father.

That’s probably the biggest issue in the entire European history. It seems there is an urge to end the European white men, and this is a serious symptom. Wake up guys. Take back your children.